Geographer’s study the interaction of people with places that they live. Geography is a wide ranging subject covering a variety of topics within the themes of Physical Environments, Human Environments and Global Issues.


Miss V Kennedy | Faculty Head (Social Subjects)


Broad General Education

S1 ¦ Hazards, Japan and Map Skills
S2 ¦ Climate Regions, Kenya, Urban and Weather
S3 ¦ Physical Environments, Human Environments, Climate Change and Health Geography 

Senior Phase

Human ¦ Urban and Rural
Physical ¦ Atmosphere, Glaciers & Coasts (Higher), Weather (N5) 
Global ¦ Climate Change & Health 

Learning Experiences

You will explore ideas in a variety of ways including:

  • Literacy – you will express your ideas through a range of written tasks;
  • Communication – taking part in debates and discussions;
  • Analysis and evaluation – you will look at the different aspects of issues and to come to final decisions;
  • Working independently – both in class and at home through different learning projects;
  • Handling sources and evidence – interpreting, drawing meaning and evaluating different types of evidence.

Life & Work

Geography equips learners with the skills to gather, process and analyse information from a range of sources. These skills will benefit them in all further education and future career paths. Students will learn about local geographical issues they may encounter in the future and gain an understanding of global concerns.

Some jobs are well suited to pupils who have a qualification in Geography. These include:

  • Careers in the Travel Industry;
  • Geographical Information Systems;
  • Transportation Services;
  • Logistics;
  • Town Planning;
  • Cartography;
  • Geology;
  • Forestry / Agriculture;
  • Environmental Protection;
  • Meteorology;
  • Air Traffic Control;
  • Estate Agent.