Physics is a key part of all science and technology; it deals with how and why things behave as they do. It helps to solve problems and make exciting new developments for the environment, for society, for health, for industry and more.


Miss R Woods | Faculty Head 
Mr T Coyle


Senior phase

You will study the following areas of Physics under various topics at National 3, 4 and 5 levels.

  • Waves and Radiations
  • Electricity and Energy
  • Dynamics and Space

Higher course unit:

  • Our Dynamic Universe
  • Particles and Waves
  • Electricity
  • Researching Physics

Learning Experiences

We work hard to make our lessons interesting, demanding and relevant. We encourage pupils to do their best, and will support them in any way we can.

This will be done through notes, debates, scientific discussion, group work, working independently, research tasks, group and individual presentations and scientific investigations.

Life & Work

Careers, where a physics qualification is essential or desirable, include:

  • Health and Medicine (Diagnosis, Treatment)
  • Engineering (IBM, Computing, Construction companies, Civil Service)
  • Communication Industry (BT, BBC TV and Radio, O2)