Performing Arts


The Faculty of Performing Arts includes the discrete subjects of Drama and Music.  Here at Lochend Community High School, students can participate in both subjects at all levels up to Advanced Higher.  All students are timetabled for Drama and Music classes in S1 and have the opportunity to continue their studies through to S6.  

Through the Performing Arts, we aim to inspire students to:

  • develop self-expression;
  • grow in confidence;
  • be creative;
  • use their imagination;
  • improve their performance skills;
  • work effectively with others;
  • learn about different themes and issues;
  • see things from a different perspective;
  • be reflective.

Drama and Music are thriving subjects at LCHS which make an invaluable contribution to the wider life of the school.


Ms L Hutchison
Principal Teacher (Performing Arts)