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General Contact

20 Cairnbrook Road
Easterhouse, Glasgow
G34 0NZ

Phone 0141 582 0170
Fax 0141 582 0171

Reporting ABSENCES

All Absences must be reported through Glasgow City Council’s dedicated Absence Reporting Line:

Phone 0141 287 0039

pastoral support

If you require Pastoral Support, you should contact the Principal Teacher who is Head of the House to which you or your child belongs. If you are unsure of which House you or your child belongs, you can find this on each student’s timetable or contact the office in the first instance. 

Phone 0141 582 0170



Head of Arran House
Mr D Ferguson
Principal Teacher (Pastoral Care) 

Head of Mull House
Mr S Foster 
Principal Teacher (Pastoral Care)

Head of Skye House
Ms L Neill
Principal Teacher (Pastoral Care)