Politics is a subject available only to higher students. It focuses on helping you develop the ability to form logical and coherent points of view, it will allow you to develop an in depth knowledge into how those with power, both use and maintain their influence.  To be able to offer thoughtful ‘ideas’ on how systems we experience can improve is a skill in demand across all professions, and will add value to any job, college, or university application.  In addition, knowledge of politics is increasingly essential to play a full and active role in 21st century society especially as Scotland and the world undergo dramatic and exciting changes. 


Mr A Sargent | Principal Teacher (Learning for Sustainability)


The three Units are as follows:

  • Political theory – A study of Power, Authority and Legitimacy, paying special reference to the work of Weber and Lukes. Also an investigation into key political ideologies such as Democracy, Fascism and Socialism
  • Political Systems – An insight into the creation and development of different political systems in use globally. We shall compare that of the UK with the USA.
  • Political Parties and Elections – We will investigate a current political party, and also discuss the ways in which voters are influenced by the strategies used by political parties to gain support.


Learning Experiences

  • Analysis of different form of information.
  • The ability to manage your own personal study on an area of interest.
  • Communication skills – debating and listening to others.
  • Digital Technology – the use of the internet to search and highlight relevant information.
  • Literacy – To effectively structure arguments and discussions in an essay format.


Life & Work

There are many occupations/degree courses that benefit from having a Politics qualification. The skills and possible carer choices are very similar to Modern Studies.

These include:

  • Politics, Local and National Government
  • Education
  • Medicine/Health
  • Policing
  • Social Work & counselling
  • Community Work
  • Legal services
  • Journalism/Media
  • Linguistics