Modern Studies


Modern Studies is an investigation into current social and political issues across the globe. The subject focuses on allowing you to gain an awareness of major events, their causes and the impact on people’s lives.  With this said, Modern Studies has a very ‘local’ feel to it – the subject brings all of these global issues back to its Scottish context.

Modern Studies is delivered throughout the Broad General Education (BGE) and is offered in the Senior Phase up to Higher Level.


Mr A Sargent | Principal Teacher (Learning for Sustainability)


Broad General Education
The USA, Living in Contemporary UK, China and Democracy

Senior Phase
National 5: Social Inequality, Terrorism and Scottish Politics
Higher: Crime & the Law, Syria and Scottish Politics

Learning Experiences

You will explore ideas in a variety of ways including:

  • Literacy – you will express your ideas through a range of written tasks;
  • Communication – taking part in debates and discussions;
  • Autonomy – you will have the opportunity to research independently across different subjects;
  • Digital Technology – using a variety of digital technologies to research information;
  • Decision Making – you will look at the different aspects of issues, analyse them and come to final decisions;
  • Working independently in class and supported study.

Life & Work

Modern Studies will help you to form coherent and logical arguments.  These skills are essential in many of the paths you may take after school, be it Further- or Higher- Education or work.  Socio-political understanding is a vital quality in any responsible citizen – spreading to many aspects of our lives. Modern Studies provides you with the skills and understanding to contribute effectively within this new ‘political age’.

Many roles and professions are well suited to pupils who have a qualification in Modern Studies.

These include:

  • Politics, Local and National Government
  • Education
  • Medicine/Health
  • Policing
  • Social Work & counselling
  • Community Work
  • Legal services
  • Journalism/Media
  • Linguistics