Enrolling at Lochend

If you are enrolled at one of Lochend’s associated primary schools (Aultmore Park and Oakwood Primaries) your enrolment will be automatic for those living within the catchment area.

If you wish to send you child to study at Lochend you can apply by following the procedure outlined below.

  1. You must contact  the school and provide some basic information (name, D.O.B and address). The school will then arrange a meeting between yourself and the relevant head of year.
  2. From that meeting you will have to complete a placing request form. These are available at the school office or online at https://Glasgow.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=18366 .
  3. Once accepted at the school a further interview will be arranged to discuss further enrolment details such as subject options and any required support needs.