Pastoral Care


If you have any questions or concerns about your child, the Pastoral Care teacher for their house group is your first port of call.

Our Pastoral Care team can be contacted via the school office.

If you would like to speak to someone urgently then this can be arranged with a member of our Senior Leadership Team.

We are happy to make an appointment time to meet with you to discuss any matter relating to your child. Support plans regarding students are always made in full consultation with individuals, families and relevant agencies. It is essential you and your child’s views are heard, understood and supported.


Mr D Ferguson (PT PC) | Arran House
Mrs L Neil (PT PC) | Islay House
Ms M Gennings (PT PC)| Mull House
Mrs E Large (PT PC)| Skye House

Ms R Hannah | Home School Support Worker
Ms A Smith  | MCR Pathways

Named Person

Pastoral care teachers get to know pupils when they are in Primary from talking to and sharing information with Primary staff, chatting with P7 parents at open evenings and visiting Primary classes. S1 pupils will have a 1 to 1 informal interview soon after starting S1 to check out how they are getting on. Where possible, Pastoral Care teachers teach Personal and Social Education lessons once per week to pupils in their caseload. They may also teach them in their subject specialism. Throughout their time at Lochend it is planned to have the greatest continuity of Pastoral Care teacher for your child as possible. There are frequent planned and informal opportunities for pupils to get to know Pupil Support staff and the base from which Pastoral Care teachers work has an open door policy for pupils.

Monitoring the wellbeing and progress of each young person 

Pastoral care staff monitor attendance closely. If your child is absent from school you should phone the Pupil Absence Reporting Line on 0141 287 0039. ( If the matter is a sensitive issue/ bereavement /serious illness, for example,  an absence which is going to last more than one week/ injury, for example, broken limb/contagious diseases or illness then please call the school directly.) Actions to support attendance vary from texts messages to alert parent/carer, letters home, ELO home visits, attendance interviews at school, good attendance recognition and rewards. It should be noted that absence from school without reasonable excuse is a legal concern and can lead to prosecution if persistent.  However we do everything we can to plan support around supporting better attendance with you in as far as possible.

Pastoral Care teachers have tracking conversations with pupils timetabled throughout the year to talk about how teachers say they are getting on in subjects and help them plan to improve. They are available at all Parent’s evenings and will contact you to discuss any concern they have regarding your daughter/son.

A Point of Contact

If you have any questions or concerns about the progress or wellbeing of your daughter/son, please do not hesitate to contact the Pastoral Care and we can work with you to support them in school. Where advice, guidance and support is required from other agencies, e.g. Health or Psychological Services, then the Pastoral care team can work with you to coordinate this.

Supporting Young People

Pastoral Care teachers deliver lessons on Health, Relationships, Substance Misuse and Planning for Choices and Change. Through these lessons and informal conversations and by planning support as it needed, we aim to prepare our young people to make informed choices towards a happy and successful life. We work with young people to value and respect others through conflict resolution, anti- bullying and equality education and celebrating diversity.

Positive Destination Planning

Teachers deliver Career’s Management Skills throughout the curriculum by linking learning to employability skills and relating their subject to the world of work. We also have a team of people (Career’s Advisors, Employability Skills worker, Work Coaches and MCR Pathways Coordinator) who work together with Pastoral care to help your daughter/son plan a positive destination after school.

Addressing Historic and Emerging Needs

When a young person needs additional support for their learning or a life situation which arises we work together as a team to plan for this, taking into account the needs and thoughts of you and your family. Where we need to work with Social Work services, Health, Psychological Services, Specialist services then we can make joint plans with you and your child to support their wellbeing.

Attendance | Education Liaison Officer

The school may request that our Education Liaison Officer make a home-visit regarding the attendance of your daughter/son where attendance is less than 90% and/or absences are unexplained. The ELO will request reasons for absence, explain absence processes and look to advise the Pastoral Care team of any support which may be required to support attendance.