It is my great pleasure to welcome parents, prospective parents, and all other visitors to our website. We hope that it will give you a comprehensive insight into the many different aspects of life at Lochend Community High School. We have the highest standards and expectations of ourselves and all our pupils. Our staff are extremely talented, dedicated and professional. This, allied to the various ways in which we maximise our academic attainment, has seen Lochend establish a reputation as a highly performing school. We are absolutely committed to providing the widest range of opportunities for our young people to celebrate and enjoy success. Furthermore, we place great importance on celebrating success and we do this across the school in a variety of different ways. The school enjoys very positive relationships with our parents, our community, our businesses, and our wider partners. We hope that by accessing our website will strengthen our partnerships even more.

David McArthur
Head Teacher
Lochend Community High School

Our School Values