Settling back in to nursery


Investigating the new water butt in the nursery garden

Developing balancing skills

Role play in the home corner

Mark making

A few children have continued to show interest in firefighter roleplay revisiting this again this week.


Identifying feelings

Exploring stories

Toothbrushing with our shades on!


Some of the children in the 3-5s have been using the new equipment we purchased throwing balls to different height hoops.

A few children showed interest in making wind catchers on Wednesday as it was a very windy day.

Children continue to revisit a previous interest in water working together to transport water and create their own puddles.

Investigating the new water wall

Using loose parts

More outdoor play

Digging for fossils

Helping one another put on our wellies

Creating with playdough

Finding things we recognise in catalogues

Identifying birds, insects and fish in books

Using building blocks in different ways and developing gross motor skills through cycling

Woodwork creations

Eden used clay to create a castle

More creations


Exploring different textures


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