The great adventurers week 20

This week the children started their new ABC and beyond book Here comes Jack Frost. This week they learned about the word pattern meaning something that is the same. They identified patterns on their clothes and used stamps to create their own patterns.

Children were exploring numbers up to 10 trying to sequence numbers in the right order and recognise what number was missing when someone took one away.

The children enjoyed using their senses to explore water in the garden.

Other children enjoyed hiding in a den

Freddie was experimenting with a balance scale putting different items on each side to see what would happen looking at heavy and light.

Some children were developing their physical skills through climbing.

In the construction area Lara was creating lava.

Arlo and Oscar worked together in the sensory room to build a house with magnetic shapes.

Harper was developing her fine motor skills using peg boards. She wanted to make her design all in red.

Gracie created her own music on the keyboard then got dressed up for a party. She created an invitation and a menu.




The little explorers week 20

The little explorers had lots of fun in the garden this week exploring water using their senses.

They were also looking for worms.

They enjoyed playing together in the den they made using the parachute.

Orlah enjoyed looking at some story books.

Riley enjoyed exploring the trucks and diggers finding out what they do.

Other children enjoyed playing in the café together serving and eating food.


They enjoyed playing in the soapy water and using it to clean the bikes.

Some children enjoyed developing their physical skills through climbing and riding on the bikes.

Here are the children singing some songs together.

The great adventurers week 19

This week our ABC and beyond word was proud which means we are happy we managed to do something. The children had to fish for the pictures and sort them into whether it was something that would make them feel proud or not proud.

In the garden the children have enjoyed experimenting with water creating their own puddles. They have also been finding and investigating worms.

Michael was following directions demonstrating he could go through, under, over and round the hoop showing a good understanding of positional language.


Lily was making  a house for Dot and yet.

Oscar was practising threading in the sensory room.

Some of the children have enjoyed exploring musical instruments making their own music.

Layla worked very hard and kept trying and managed to complete the puzzle by herself. She looked at the picture to see what she had to do and then got started.


Macey-leigh has been practising her cutting skills in art.

Some of the children have been busy making their own models using wood and tools at the work bench. Some chose to paint their models once they were complete.

Here are some more children who completed the nursery narrative programme with their certificates for becoming super story tellers.

The little explorers week 19

The little explorers have enjoyed experimenting with foam and powder paint mixing these together making great use of their senses.


They used the mixture to paint different items in the garden.

They have also been developing their physical skills through climbing.

The children have enjoyed doing collage in the art area using different materials to create a piece of art.

Some children have enjoyed experimenting with different paints whilst others have enjoyed exploring what they can do with the playdough.


They have enjoyed playing in the soapy water outside and using this to clean the garden.


The children enjoyed creating a big piece of art painting on a shared piece of paper in the garden.

The children used coloured soapy water and enjoyed filling and pouring.

The great adventurers week 18

The children received a letter and certificates from yeti headquarters for how well they have been looking after Dot and Yet. They are now all ‘Growth Mindset yeti’ Expert Yeti keepers!

Last week the children started their new ABC and beyond book the Yeti’s roar. The word of the week was practise meaning to keep doing something. The children had to build a tower as tall as they could and were encouraged to keep practising and they would get better at it.

The children enjoyed some time in the playground having the opportunity to climb and practise pushing a cart around different obstacles.

Children in the nursery narrative groups have become excellent story tellers and received their certificates for completing the programme. They can now tell stories to others using the signs they have learned on their certificate.

The children have also been learning about patterns. They have started to explore size with big, small patterns, same shape patterns and colour patterns.

In the construction area children have been learning to use different tools to hammer in nails and make things. We have been talking about how to use the tools and keep safe.

In Big noise the children got to explore with different instruments and the sounds they made. They played instruments separately and together to find out what different sounds they could make.

The children have also shown an interest in measure and been using measuring tapes and non-standard units to measure things around the nursery. Some  children were measuring out the ingredients following the instruction board to make their own playdough.

The little explorers week 18

The little explorers have enjoyed building experimenting with different building materials.


Some children have been busy in the kitchen preparing and cooking food. They used playdough to create their own food.



In the garden they have engaged with sensory play exploring water and glue.

Some children have enjoyed experimenting with ramps and planks of wood. they have transported cars and themselves over the tracks they have made.

They enjoyed measuring out sand to fill up different sized bowls and cups.

Some children have also been developing their cutting skills learning how to use scissors.

Other children have been developing their fine motor skills through threading reels onto string.

They have also enjoyed exploring the mud kitchen outdoors.