A few children have been using different types of blocks, balancing them on top of one another to create different models.

They have opportunities to mark make in lots of different ways.

A few children have been engaging in farm role-play.

Others have been engaged in small world play in the dolls house.

Some children have been developing their fine motor skills using tools and engaging in construction role-play.

A couple of children have shown interest in developing their ball skills in the garden.


In Bubble A, Freddie used the magnets this week to create a rocket.

Whilst looking at a book, a few children noticed all of the planets. They worked together to create their own planets which were hung from the ceiling.

Freddie then decided to create another rocket using recycled materials. Josie thought this was a great idea and decided to create one too.

Josie and Aarron then used cartons to represent the planets for their gingerbread men. They created stars and fireballs using foil. Then they used all of these props to role-play. Eden and Dannika then joined in too.

In the garden, a few children have started to do some planting in Bubble A. This week they planted sweet peas, sunflowers and marigolds.

A few children have been exploring different ways to build using magnets and blocks.

In Bubble B, Kane, Riley and Max were checking the garden was safe for everyone to play in by doing the garden  risk assessment checklist.

In Bubble B, there has been a continued interest in dinosaurs. A few children were digging in the mud and found what they thought was dinosaur fossils.

Some of the children then used clay and salt dough to create their own fossils.

Owen made dinosaur footprints prints in his clay.

A number of children watched a programme to learn more about dinosaurs and how they were discovered.

In the garden, a few children have also been engaging in role-play using the boat. They have used loose parts to rescue one another from the water and repair the boat.

Ayva, Ariana and Henry worked together using the blocks to create a walk way through the middle of the nursery.

A few children explored different types of books in the story corner.

After seeing the robot Kayden had made whilst he was learning at home, Kane decided he wanted to make a robot using recycled materials too. Hudson and Max helped Kane to sellotape his robot together.

Kane, Harley and Taylor worked together to make play dough. They followed the picture instructions taking turns to do each step.

Some of the children have been developing their physical skills by throwing different equipment towards targets.

Big Noise music sessions

Usually the children participate in Big Noise music sessions in nursery but unfortunately the team are unable to come in to nursery at the moment. They have some videos of their music sessions which you can participate in with your child by accessing the link below and typing in the password or you can go to the Big Noise Douglas Facebook page where they post the videos every Friday at 11am.


Password:  BNDnursery


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