This week the children have been learning about how water changes form. They filled trays with water and put it in the freezer to see what happened.

The next day they checked on the trays and it had turned into ice. They explored different ways of getting the ice out of the containers.

A few children continue to show interest in exploring different opportunities for sensory play.

On Thursday, the children had a Christmas lunch together.


In group time, some of the children have been practising counting. One group was building towers and starting to count how many blocks were in their tower once it fell over.

In the garden, a group of children were working together to clean the nursery windows.

A few children have been using recycled materials and decorations to create their own pieces of art. Riley created a guitar and Josie created a handbag decoration.

Aarron noticed there wasn’t a Christmas tree in the garden and found some large branches. He started to make these into a Christmas tree by adding decorations and other children joined in too.

In the garden, a group of children made a potion. They mixed together different colours of paint and water to see what colour they could make.


Some groups finished reading the Elves and the shoemaker story this week. They were learning about the word thin.

Lewis investigated how the pulley works. He filled the bucket with different loose parts and pulled on the string to see what happened.

A few children have been developing their cutting and wrapping skills through creating their own presents.

A group of children continue to show interest in moulding materials to create their own models. They decorated these in different ways.

On Thursday, the children had a Christmas lunch together.



Hudson has been developing his fine motor skills weaving materials through the wheel.

Reggie and Keira have shown interest in developing fine motor skills through puzzles.

Reggie has been using the wheelbarrow to transport items around the garden.

Aniyah and Keira have been developing their independence skills practising putting on and taking off  their coat.  They have also been putting on and taking off their waterproof trousers.

Outside a few children have been exploring puddles and used the water and brushes to mark make and clean things around the garden.


This week a number of children have been exploring loose parts using these to design their own Christmas trees and other Christmas pictures.

They have also been developing their cutting skills through using scissors and cutting wrapping paper to create their own presents.

A few children have been developing their fine motor skills in different ways.

A group of children worked together to create their own slide. They experimented using water and foam to find out what would make their slide work best.

In the garden, Joshua used decorations to decorate a tree. When using the baubles, he noticed he could see his reflection in one of them. he then used this to reflect other things he saw outside.

Aarron and Danny have shown great interest in measuring and comparing heights.

In the other garden, a group of children have been investigating different ways to make water travel using different pieces of equipment. they worked together giving one another instructions and sharing their ideas.

Inside, a few children have been using the magnetic shapes and blocks to create their own models and pictures.



This week Hudson has been helping to create a feelings area. he has been learning how to use a hammer safely to put nails in the wall to hang things up.

George has been building sandcastles.  He used different containers to create different sizes of castles.

A few children have been exploring messy play using their senses and transporting it to other areas of the garden.

Inside, a few children have been engaging in different kinds of roleplay using their imagination.

Some children have also been exploring paint using different objects for printing.


A group of children have shown a continued interest in pirates from last week transferring this to the other garden. They have been finding out about flags and creating their own ones. Others have been looking for and investigating treasure around the garden.

They have been looking at books to find out more about pirates and get ideas for their roleplay. Sophie decided she wanted a pirate head scarf.

At the end of last week a couple of children were talking about having lazers on the boat. This week a lazer area was created. the children had to problem solve to move through it trying not to touch the lazers. Other children used it as a spider web.

Inside, children continue to show interest in letters. A number of children have been playing letter bingo matching together letters which are the same. A couple of children have shown interest in writing their name.

In the order garden, a group of children have shown an interest in climbing and jumping. They have been challenging themselves to climb and jump from greater heights adding additional crates. Through this they have been assessing and managing their own risk.

Inside, there has been a real interest in building this week. Children have been using their imagination to create a range of models. Ash has revisited this  daily creating new meglasaurs to add to his already built ones . He has made different sizes of them and different types. He has also made drawings of his models and engaged in roleplay with them.


A few children have been developing their scissor skills cutting paper.