The little explorers week 7

The little explorers enjoyed playing in the garden. They created their own construction site using the trucks to pick up and transport stones.

They enjoyed planting spring onions, radishes and cress in the garden and are looking forward to watching the  grow.

They picked the green beans from the garden and enjoyed helping to prepare them by washing them.

The children have enjoyed playing on the bikes making sure to put their helmet on to keep them safe whilst riding.


They continue to enjoy playing with playdough manipulating it to make different shapes.


They worked together in the art area to make paint bags using a mixture of paint and glitter.

The great adventurers week 7

The great adventurers have been exploring the word active this week. They have identified times when they have been active and acted out different ways of being active.


In numeracy they are continuing to focus on recognising digits and counting out quantities. The blue group played a game where they had to choose a number and try and find the picture quantity card which matched that number.

The green group were counting out dots on dominoes and finding dominoes which matched that quantity.

The purple group focused on shapes playing a game where they had to identify the name of different shapes and find the shape which matched what they rolled on their dice.

In music the children experimented with making different sounds with their feet according to the loud and soft sounds they could hear in the background music. They enjoyed participating in nursery rhymes and playing and trying to play their instrument to the beat of the music.


The great adventurers week 6

This week the children explored the self-regulation area together with the staff.  Staff reminded children that this is a place they can go to and put their name against how they are feeling. We talked about how feelings can change throughout the day and that this is normal. There are a number of resources available here to help children regulate their emotions which were shown to them including blankets, stories, things to squeeze, stretch and shake.

The children have been continuing to explore the story Dear Zoo. The purple group focussed on recalling the events of the story selecting the correct animals in order using puppets to retell the story.

The word of the week from Dear Zoo was danger. The children talked about what the word danger meant and identified a symbol to represent danger making a cross with their arms. They identified the number of syllables in the word danger using 2 claps to represent the syllables. They also talked about what could be dangerous and here were some of their responses.





In Numeracy children continued to focus on numbers to 5. They are learning more about number recognition and quantities through stories. The blue group were counting ladybirds in their story this week.

The green group were working together in group time partnering up and singing nursery rhymes.

In art the children continue to enjoy mixing paints. They mixed up colours of their choice using coloured powder and water. They then put pasta in the paint to add colour to it. Once the pasta paint was dry they threaded this onto string to make their own jewellery.

Both in the nursery and out in the garden there has been a real interest in water. Children have enjoyed dropping different items into the water such as balls and stones and watching what happens.


Children have also been busy in the mud kitchen mixing mud, shaving foam and water making different kinds of cakes and cups of tea.



They finished off the week finding out who had been awarded friendly fish scales this week. Children are given friendly fish scales for doing nice things such as sharing and helping others.

The little explorers week 6

The little adventurers started off the week by choosing snack for the rest of the week.


This week the children worked together to make playdough. They talked about the ingredients they needed to make the playdough and the steps they had to take to make it. They worked together to mix all the ingredients up. They enjoyed playing with it afterwards squeezing and rolling it to make  different things.


They worked together to create their own sensory shakers choosing what kind of sparkles they wanted to put inside them and adding water to them.

They have also enjoyed exploring shaving foam out in the garden. They liked the feel of it on their hands and enjoyed spreading it to see what would happen and what they could make.


The children have been busy in the garden digging for red rooster potatoes . Once they picked them they worked together to wash them to make sure they were clean and ready to cook.

The great adventurers week 5

The great adventurers have been reading Dear Zoo as part of their ABC and beyond learning. They have been exploring the word heavy and sorting objects into heavy and not heavy.

They have also been learning about the word fragile and identifying different materials and objects in the nursery that might be fragile.



In Numeracy the children are focusing on  recognising numbers 1 to 5 and counting out these quantities. This has been done through stories, songs, counting objects and finding numbers.

In music, the children have enjoyed playing maracas to the beat of the music. They have also explored different ways they can move around the room depending if the music is loud or soft.

The children have also enjoyed experimenting with paint in art using straws to blow the paint and discuss what happens.