The great adventurers week 12

This week the children started their new ABC and beyond story Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. The word of the week is weave meaning winding in and out. The children have participated in various activities around the nursery and out in the garden to help them learn their new word weave.

Some children enjoyed making potions in the garden making sure they kept safe by wearing their safety goggles.


Some enjoyed exploring chalk outside creating their own pictures and mixing chalk with water.


The children enjoyed mixing mud and water and working together to fill up trucks.

The children enjoyed the rain this week and added more water to create bigger puddles.

Inside some children have enjoyed following instructions to create different models using Mobilo.


Some children worked on recognising and sequencing numbers to 10.

The boys and girls enjoyed putting on a puppet show for others to watch using songs from our Nativity.



The little explorers week 12

This week the little explorers have enjoyed doing puzzles. They also enjoyed using the pieces from the puzzle to fill up and empty cups.

They have also been using natural materials found in the garden to paint pictures.

Some children enjoyed playing with the animals in the soapy water.

Outside they continue to explore loose parts using their imagination. Some children created a course for them to go around whilst others filled up and sat in crates.


The little explorers week 11

This week the little explorers enjoyed a trip to the library. They looked at the books and chose some to take back to nursery with them.

They continue to enjoy exploring materials outside making their own obstacle courses.

Inside they have enjoyed exploring the light table and putting objects on it to see what happens.

The children enjoy exploring with their senses and have been experimenting with foam this week.

The great adventurers week 11

This week the great adventurers have enjoying exploring with the cars outdoors. They have played with them in the mud and water and created their own track for them to go down using pipes.

They also wanted paint outside so mixed mud and water to make their own and used it to paint various things in the garden including the house.

They have also been using tools to fix things such as mallets to build and fix things.

They also enjoyed using different pieces of equipment to create their own assault course.

Some of the children were helping to make the garden safe by clearing up some of the leaves.

Inside the children have enjoyed building with the bricks making castles and robots.

Our ABC and beyond word this week was silent. Here is the purple group playing giants keys where they had to try and be silent when picking up the keys so the giant could not guess who had taken the keys.

Jaxon was very busy in art making his shanarri robot. It is active, walks, can fly and is happy and healthy.


Some of the children were using the number square to match up numbers.

The little explorers week 10

This week the little explorers  enjoyed creating their own den and having a play picnic together inside their den.

They used loose parts to create their own obstacle course and transported objects around the course.

They helped to take out the inside of a pumpkin and the seeds then carved a face into the pumpkin for Halloween.

They explored the seeds and the inside part of the pumpkin using their hands describing how it felt.

They then enjoyed decorating pumpkins using pens and paint.

They enjoyed exploring bubbles outside in the water tray.


Inside they have been practising their cutting skills using scissors on different kinds of paper.


They also had fun setting up their own café.


They had lots of fun on Halloween participating in sensory activities with  jelly and trying to eat doughnuts off a string without using their hands.





The great adventurers week 10

The great adventurers have enjoyed exploring with different materials to make different sounds to create music.


They have been exploring paint in the garden using different objects to print.

The children have also looked for materials in the garden and used these to create their own art work.

Some children have enjoyed experimenting with loose parts to make their own creations.

There was lots of fun on Halloween taking part in a dress up parade, trying to eat doughnuts off a string without using their hands, sensory activities inside and outside with jelly, spaghetti, green slime and spiders and a Halloween themed snack.