The great adventurers week 17

Last week the children met Yet and Dot. They have been trying hard to find a nice home for them in our nursery. The boys and girls are looking forward to learning more about Dot and Yet and finding out how they can help the children to keep on trying when things are new or a bit tricky.

Some of the boys and girls have been exploring numbers. They have been identifying digits and quantities through puzzles, group games and playing games on the computer.

In the garden the children have been exploring loose parts and shown a particular interest in bungee cords.

Lily has used her bungee cord as a lead for her dog.

Jaxon attached the bungee cords to create a safe passage way for his friends.

A few of the boys and girls have used the bungee cords to catch people role playing the police.

Other children used crates to make their own train.

On Friday the boys and girls celebrated Burns day by enjoying an altogether snack sharing haggis, neeps and tatties together.

In Big Noise the children were exploring different musical instruments and finding out what different sounds they could make with them.

In the garden the children have been finding out more about ice.


The little explorers week 17

The children enjoy time exploring the sensory room finding out what they can do with all the different lights.

Some of the children have enjoyed exploring puzzles and experimenting with different locks.


In the water tray they have been busy looking after the babies giving them a bath.

Out in the garden they have been exploring ice and water.


They have also enjoyed painting with gloop.


The children found numbers hidden in the sand.

Here are the children serving and enjoying a healthy snack together.

The great adventurers week 16

In art the children enjoyed using salt dough to create their own models.  They worked together to measure out and mix the ingredients needed to make the dough.



They also enjoyed making models using clay. Some children chose to make snowmen and Christmas trees. Some children used sequins to decorate their models and to represent eyes.


Outside Jaxon created his own TV and set up a chair so he could watch cartoons. Lily joined him and created a programme for him to watch by doing some dancing.