The little explorers week 9

This week the little explorers have been busy in the kitchen using playdough to make different kinds of food.

They have also used pumpkin colours to design their own pumpkins using paint.


They have also enjoyed making puzzles connecting matching pieces together.

They continue to enjoy exploring outside playing on the bikes and exploring the construction site.


The great adventurers week 9

This week the great adventurers have had great fun outdoors in the autumn leaves. They enjoyed building dens and covering them in leaves shaking them and seeing them move around with the wind.

They have also been developing their number recognition and throwing skills throwing bean bags towards different number targets.

They were also exploring numbers inside and counting dots on their dominoes to see if they could find a matching one.

The continued exploring leaves in Aspire looking at different colours of leaves and sorting them into colours. They also explored the leaves using their senses smelling the leaves and listening for the sounds different leaves made. They identified young and old leaves. They had to imagine they were different types of trees and make shapes using their bodies.

They also enjoyed learning some new songs in music and practising their numbers doing counting songs.

The little explorers week 8

The little explorers have enjoyed making more playdough this week and experimenting to make different colours.


They have enjoyed exploring the crates and putting them together to create an obstacle course. Through this they have been developing their balance.

Some of the children have enjoyed engaging in mark making this week using pens and paper.

They continue to enjoy exploring the construction site using different objects to pick up and transport materials.

They developed how they use the vehicles in the construction site using the wheels and paint to create different examples of printing using a range of vehicles.

The children enjoyed more messy play experimenting with gloop. They liked the feel of it on their hands and enjoyed playing with it seeing what they could do.

The great adventurers week 8

This week the children have been focusing on the shanarri words in preparation for their shanarri treasure hunt. The letters in the word shanarri stand for the wellbeing indicators safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included. They have been working hard to learn the shanarri song this week to help them to remember all of the wellbeing indicators.

Here are the children enjoying snack together eating healthy foods.

The blue group have been practising their number recognition and trying to match quantities to a number. They had to count the number of spots on the ladybird together and see if they had that number on their bingo card.

In art area the children have enjoyed experimenting with clay manipulating it in different ways to make a range of models.

The children enjoyed participating in the aspire project this week looking at different ways they could move around the room. Each colour of hoop represented a different way of moving so when they came to a new colour they had to recall the type of movement they had to do. This included walking on tip toes, walking on heels and frog leaps.

In Big noise the children enjoyed singing familiar songs, playing bells to the music and singing a lullaby to their teddy.