The Great Adventurers 13.02.2020

The children have been continuing to focus on the story Giraffes can’t dance in ABC and beyond. After learning about the word backwards some of the children have been activating this in and around the nursery.

Kacper was practising counting backwards whilst in the garden.

Deryn and Gill were walking backwards.

As the story was about Gerald the giraffe, for non-fiction week the children explored and discussed a non-fiction book about giraffes in their groups. They talked about the giraffes body parts, what giraffes eat, where giraffes live and how they protect themselves from other animals.

Marcel identified his favourite page in the book and described how he liked all of the trees in the picture he chose.

In Word Aware the children started learning about the word respected, one of our Shanarri indicators. They had pictures to sort out discussing with one another whether they thought the picture showed something or someone being respected or not respected. We talked about having respect for one another and respect for the nursery and the toys.

This week some of the children started to learn about recycling. We now have new recycling bags in the nursery which the children will use to put the recycling in and take turns to sort the recycling in to the correct colour of bin when the bags get full.

Sophie and Kacper have been matching the same shapes together. They have started to look at patterns identifying colours in each pattern and problem solving to work out the next part of the pattern.

In the garden, Harrison used the dominoes matching together quantities which were the same.

In the gym hall, the children have been developing their gross motor skills through participating in obstacle courses. they have also been developing their hand eye coordination through throwing different pieces of equipment towards different targets.

Marcel, Zac and Riley were playing football trying to kick the ball into the goal. They then decided to use the tyre as a goal to challenge themselves. Riley then moved the tyre to a higher height to make it even more challenging.

A number of the children have shown interest in writing letters and posting them. After a trip to the post office, they had a special visit from Riley’s Mum who told them all about her job as a post lady. The children had the opportunity to learn about the equipment she uses, where she puts the letters and ask any questions they have.

A couple of children have been using the carts in the garden to deliver books.

After seeing someone else has created a dice, Jorgie wanted to create a dice of her own. With support she made the shape of a dice using cardboard and then she counted out the dots as she drew them. She made a tower of dice then put the dice in order of size describing the size of each of them.

In the art studio, children have shown interest in writing.  Some children have been trying to write their name. They have started to explore letters matching letters together that look the same and trying to find the letters to make up their name. A number of children are starting to find the first letter of their name.

Some children have also been exploring letters in the water tray showing interest in spelling out their name.

A few children have shown interest in bathing the babies. This week they were washing clothes and developing their fine motor skills and pincer grip by pegging clothes on a washing line.

Harrison and Eva have been practising counting in sequence counting out objects and trying to find the matching numeral.

The Little Explorers 7.02.2020

A few of the children have been developing their fine motor skills through doing threading.

They have been developing their gross motor skills through learning to ride on scooters.

Some of the children have also shown interest in developing their cutting skills.

A few children have also shown interest in mark making using chalk, paint and pencils.

Joshua has shown interested in creating his own balance and finding things that will roll. Tyler was keen to participate too.

Joshua has also shown interest in counting when reading stories.

Some of the children have been working together to create mix their own paint. Kane used recycled materials to create his own model then painted it.

The Great adventurers 30.01.2020

In ABC and beyond the children started reading a new story.

Last week they were learning about the word whisper and this week they have been focusing on the word backwards.

To celebrate Burns day, the children learned about Robert Burns and got to look at a kilt. They learned some Scottish songs and did some Highland dancing. They also tried haggis and tatties at an altogether snack time.

A few children decided to set up their own shops. Some children have also shown interest in writing and posting letters.

Marcel decided he wanted to make a treasure map. Other children were interested in making treasure maps too. They used tea bags but needed some more.

They went on a walk to a local shop to buy some things for the nursery and pick up more tea bags for their treasure maps. They found what they needed and had the opportunity to use money to pay for the items. They also visited the post office to post some letters.

Some of the children have shown a real interest in playing with dinosaurs. they  discussed what they already know about dinosaurs and what they might like to find out about them. One of the children wanted to freeze the dinosaurs. Riley wanted to find out the name of a dinosaur.

They made their own dinosaurs fossils then investigated different tools they could use to dig out the fossils.

Taylor used a range of loose parts to create a dinosaur unicorn.

In the garden, some children have shown interest in developing ball skills and throwing and catching different objects.

This is being extended during gym time through participating in obstacle courses and developing throwing and catching in different ways.

Some children have been investigating how water travels connecting different containers to try and get water to flow through.

A few children have also been helping to look after the environment through planting, gardening and watering the plants.

This week we had our stay and share on Tuesday. The children got to try out some of the play along maths games which will be sent home with different children each week to try out at home.

In the garden, some children were focusing on recognising numbers and counting out quantities. They got a ticket to and had to go around the tree on a bike or scooter that number of times.

Other children rolled the dice and went on a hunt around the garden to see if they could find that number of natural materials in the garden. Some children tried to find stones whilst others collected leaves and sticks.

Deryn collected toy cars.

A few children chose to play what’s the time Mr wolf practising counting in sequence.

Here are some of the children learning to ride a bike at Play on pedals.

Brandon has been practising very hard and this week he learned to ride the pedal bike all by himself! Here he is with his certificate and key ring.

The Little explorers 23.1.2020

Some of the children have been developing their fine motor skills using tweezers.They have also been sorting objects by colour.

In the garden, Kane has been developing his ball skills using a bat and ball.

After watching Kane, some of his friends wanted to join in too.

The children are developing their self help skills washing their own dishes.

Some of the children noticed there was ice in the garden one morning. They explored it using their senses and investigated how to break it.


They continued to explore this inside creating their own ice. They investigated different ways of making the ice melt.


They added colour to make ice of different colours.

Children continue to develop their cutting skills cutting different materials.

Riley showed an interest in making slime. Some children mixed together shaving foam, glue and paint to create this. They explored the slime using their senses.

Amy stacked the cups placing them in order of size from the biggest to the smallest.

Kane and Ash worked together to problem solve how to fit different shapes into the boat.

Ash chose to revisit the story of the 3 little pigs which he had previously been read. He pointed out and named characters in the book and lifted the flaps to find out what happened.

In the garden, the children continue to develop their gross motor skills through riding bikes and pushing carts and prams.

The great adventurers 18.12.19

The children have continued to learn about a new season each week their ABC and beyond book Tree.

In week one they learned about autumn. A few children were developing their fine motor skills using tweezers and tongs to pick up leaves and pinecones.

In week two they learned about winter. Some children participated in sensory play.

In week three they learned about spring. A few children were cutting and planting flowers.

In the fourth week they learned about summer. Some children looked at another seasons book and did a sorting activity where they matched pictures to the create season picture.

Some children have continued to explore the interactive whiteboard using the pen to create their own pictures.

A few children have been continuing to sequence numbers, count out quantities and identify numerals.

Some of the children used number fans to choose a number of different numbers of digits which someone else had to guess.


Here are the blue group on their trip to the library.

Some children participated in a game of animal bingo together taking turns to match pictures to those on their board.

A few children have been learning to use the bee bot. They have been learning language of direction and using the arrows to get the bee bot to go in a certain direction. They used the bee bot on the mat making it go to different numbers.

Taylor wanted to move the bee bot around the room. She then decided to make a track for the bee bot.

The little explorers 11.12.19

A few children chose to help decorate the Christmas tree.

Some children used a range of collage materials to create their own Christmas cards. Through this they have been developing their fine motor skills.

Here are some children helping to make reindeer hot chocolate gifts for the Christmas fayre.

When playing in the garden, Rowyn spotted a rainbow in the sky. The rainbow seemed to moved position and she kept looking to see how it was changing. Rowyn then looked at a book about the weather and found a rainbow on one of the pages.

Rowyn and Kane have been roleplaying “Doing work” through mark making. They have also been using their clipboards to take ice cream orders .

Some of the children explored sensory play through angel dough. The moulded it together making different shapes and models.

They have been using hoops as targets and developing their throwing skills using beanbags.

Joshua has been developing his ball skills through kicking a football.

A few children worked together using the construction blocks to create a castle.

Some children used large wooden blocks to create a game jumping from one place to another whilst staying on the blocks.

Kane ordered the rings by size going from the biggest to the smallest placing them onto the holder.

Remi-leigh was putting the cars in order matching the colour of car to the colour of number.

Remi-leigh was looking at the numbers on the wooden blocks. Some children started to use mark making to try and copy the numbers.

The children continue to develop their fine motor skills through using paintbrushes.

A few children have also been developing their fine motor skills through threading and using scissors.

As a few children had shown a real interest in stories, the morning children had a trip to the library where they got new stories to bring back to nursery and listened to some music. Some of the children were keen to dress up whilst they were there too.

Great adventurers 5.12.19

In the construction area, a number of children have shown interest in building ramps and bridges.

They investigated ramps of different materials discussing what happened when they put a car down each ramp.

They then looked at different shaped ramps predicting which ramp would make their car go the fastest using stickers to record the number of ramp they thought would make the car go the fastest. When making their predictions they were encouraged to share why they thought that ramp would make the car go the fastest.

Emily-Mae was keen to see how far she could make her car travel trying out different ramps. She learned how to measure the distance using a measuring tape. When the car went further she realised she needed more than one measuring tape to measure how far it had gone and got more measuring tapes.

In the art studio there has been a real interest in sewing. Children have chosen different items they want to design and been developing their fine motor skills and how to use a needle safely.

Some of the children have made their own clothes using ready made clothes as a template to draw onto fabric.

Zac and Lacey chose to make cushions choosing a fabric and learning how to sew it together.

Some of the children have shown an interest in decorations sticking material around the nursery.

They threaded beads onto pipe cleaners and also used feathers to design their own tree decorations.

They then put some cardboard boxes together and painted them green to create a Christmas tree. They used lights and the decorations they made to decorate the tree.

Some of the children have also been doing some wrapping creating presents to go under the tree.

At the work bench, a number of children have been using the saw to cut pieces of wood. Taylor sanded down the wood afterwards to make it smooth. They worked together to hammer the pieces of wood together to create a Christmas tree decoration. Once it was stuck together they painted it to add some colour.

The little explorers 28.11.19

Some of the children have been exploring different sounds they can make through playing musical instruments.

Tyler was collecting and transporting sand using the roller digger to spread the sand out. He kept collecting more until he had covered the area.

Some of the children have been exploring paint developing their fine motor skills through using a paintbrush.

Harper is following the nursery routines taking good care whilst brushing her teeth.

A number of children enjoy investigating different construction materials to build their own models.

Some of the children enjoyed some relaxation time listening to gentle music.

A number of children continue to show an interest in reading stories.

Rowan chose Goldilocks and the 3 bears and others wanted to hear the story too. she continued to revisit the story and represent parts of the story in her roleplay.

They have been exploring different puzzles problem solving to put the pieces in the right places.

Joshua used loose parts to create his own bridge.

Amy created a picture using collage materials.

Some of children have been roleplaying doctors and nurses helping to look after patients who are not well.

The great adventurers 22.11.19

A number of children have shown a real interest in playing games. They have been learning to use the interactive whiteboard to play games. Through this they have been learning to share and take turns.

In the 3 bears game they were sorting food by size feeding it to each of the bears.

They have also been developing their memory skills through playing pairs.

Some children were keen to play picture bingo identifying what picture was on their card and giving it to a friend if it was on their bingo board.

In ABC and beyond, the children have started reading the non-fiction book Tree by Britta Teckentrup. They are starting to learn the difference between fiction and non-fiction books.  Through this book they are learning about the four seasons. This week we have been learning about autumn when the trees lose their leaves.

Some of the children have been matching autumn leaves playing a pairs game.

As the children are learning about time through seasons of the year, they have also started to look at a calendar. They are beginning to learn songs about days of the week and months of the year. They have also been counting in sequence to identify the date. Part of the calendar also includes identifying the season and the weather that day. This supports the children to identify changes in weather and the impact of this on their environment.

A few children have been exploring the cranes finding different objects in the nursery and problem solving to try and get the crane to lift the object.

In the garden, some children have been exploring water from different levels identifying how to get water to flow from one place to another.

Some children were keen to wash the nursery windows using different containers to splash the windows and watching how far the water travelled.

In Big noise, the children have been singing rhymes.

Some of the children were keen to join in a memory game with Michele. They had to look at all the animals and memorise them. When Michele covered them over and took one away they had to guess which one was left listening to all of the words in the clues.

Jacob and Layla showed interest in playing a picture word match game. They are beginning to hear the sounds at the start of certain words and used the colours of the puzzle pieces to help them match words to pictures.

Taylor was exploring magnets through the trains. She worked out that if she put the trains a certain way round she could make the train move along the floor without being connected to one another through counteracting the magnets. She continued to add more trains to her set moving a few trains along the floor.

Some of the children have shown interest in building bridges in the garden to go over on the bikes and scooters. They have been participating in bridge construction challenges  in the garden using different construction materials to create bridges. They have also been looking at photographs of different types of bridges.

Kacper wanted to look bridges on the computer. Lewis was keen to see them too.  They watched a video of the Tay rail bridge with a train leaving Dundee then the Tay road bridge with cars and other vehicles going into Dundee. They learned that there is separate bridge for trains and that not all vehicles go across the Tay road bridge. They were also keen to see underneath the Tay road Bridge and were excited to see a large pink rubber duck outside the Apex Hotel.

The little explorers 15.11.19

Some of the children have been building with a range of loose parts problem solving to get one piece to fit on top of the other and developing their fine motor skills.

A number of children  explored the home corner transporting playdough and using it to make their own food. They were sharing the food with one another and looking after the baby too.

Joshua has shown a real interest in dinosaurs and was keen to look at the dinosaur book to find out more.

The children used the paint pens to make their own firework pictures on Bonfire night.

Together they serve and share a healthy snack and are encouraged to try new foods.

A number of the children are starting to show a real interest in stories selecting a story of their choice from the home corner and seeking out an adult to share the story with them.

Some of the boys have been investigating the construction blocks showing perseverance when building high towers and problem solving when the blocks fall down.

Riley has been developing her cutting skills through cutting up playdough.

Some of the children have shown an interest in completing puzzles developing their fine motor skills as they work out how to fit pieces together.

Kane was identifying the shapes of puzzle pieces and finding the matching shape on the board where each piece would fit.

Lewis and Tyler decided to play in the tepee taking the fire truck inside so they could play with it.

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