The great adventurers week 18

The children received a letter and certificates from yeti headquarters for how well they have been looking after Dot and Yet. They are now all ‘Growth Mindset yeti’ Expert Yeti keepers!

Last week the children started their new ABC and beyond book the Yeti’s roar. The word of the week was practise meaning to keep doing something. The children had to build a tower as tall as they could and were encouraged to keep practising and they would get better at it.

The children enjoyed some time in the playground having the opportunity to climb and practise pushing a cart around different obstacles.

Children in the nursery narrative groups have become excellent story tellers and received their certificates for completing the programme. They can now tell stories to others using the signs they have learned on their certificate.

The children have also been learning about patterns. They have started to explore size with big, small patterns, same shape patterns and colour patterns.

In the construction area children have been learning to use different tools to hammer in nails and make things. We have been talking about how to use the tools and keep safe.

In Big noise the children got to explore with different instruments and the sounds they made. They played instruments separately and together to find out what different sounds they could make.

The children have also shown an interest in measure and been using measuring tapes and non-standard units to measure things around the nursery. Some  children were measuring out the ingredients following the instruction board to make their own playdough.

The little explorers week 18

The little explorers have enjoyed building experimenting with different building materials.


Some children have been busy in the kitchen preparing and cooking food. They used playdough to create their own food.



In the garden they have engaged with sensory play exploring water and glue.

Some children have enjoyed experimenting with ramps and planks of wood. they have transported cars and themselves over the tracks they have made.

They enjoyed measuring out sand to fill up different sized bowls and cups.

Some children have also been developing their cutting skills learning how to use scissors.

Other children have been developing their fine motor skills through threading reels onto string.

They have also enjoyed exploring the mud kitchen outdoors.

The great adventurers week 17

Last week the children met Yet and Dot. They have been trying hard to find a nice home for them in our nursery. The boys and girls are looking forward to learning more about Dot and Yet and finding out how they can help the children to keep on trying when things are new or a bit tricky.

Some of the boys and girls have been exploring numbers. They have been identifying digits and quantities through puzzles, group games and playing games on the computer.

In the garden the children have been exploring loose parts and shown a particular interest in bungee cords.

Lily has used her bungee cord as a lead for her dog.

Jaxon attached the bungee cords to create a safe passage way for his friends.

A few of the boys and girls have used the bungee cords to catch people role playing the police.

Other children used crates to make their own train.

On Friday the boys and girls celebrated Burns day by enjoying an altogether snack sharing haggis, neeps and tatties together.

In Big Noise the children were exploring different musical instruments and finding out what different sounds they could make with them.

In the garden the children have been finding out more about ice.


The little explorers week 17

The children enjoy time exploring the sensory room finding out what they can do with all the different lights.

Some of the children have enjoyed exploring puzzles and experimenting with different locks.


In the water tray they have been busy looking after the babies giving them a bath.


Out in the garden they have been exploring ice and water.


They have also enjoyed painting with gloop.


The children found numbers hidden in the sand.


Here are the children serving and enjoying a healthy snack together.

The great adventurers week 16

In art the children enjoyed using salt dough to create their own models.  They worked together to measure out and mix the ingredients needed to make the dough.



They also enjoyed making models using clay. Some children chose to make snowmen and Christmas trees. Some children used sequins to decorate their models and to represent eyes.


Outside Jaxon created his own TV and set up a chair so he could watch cartoons. Lily joined him and created a programme for him to watch by doing some dancing.


The great adventurers week 15

This week the children had a visit from the Book bug. They read a story using puppets and sang songs. The got hugs and high fives from Book bug.

In the garden the children used loose parts to create a house for the worms. They thought carefully about how to put the pieces together to make it strong. They worked together to paint the house using foam and brushes.

Jaxon created his own ice cream shop and told his customers he had limited edition flavours. They all had to line up to get an ice cream.

Some other children enjoyed exploring pipes seeing what different things they could do with them including sounds they could make.



The little explorers week 15

This week the children enjoyed exploring with paints creating their own pictures.

They used colouring to make their own green playdough.

Freyah created her own outdoor cinema using the screen as a cinema screen. They each had their own seat including baby. They also had popcorn at the cinema.

The children have also been practising their cutting skills cutting different types of paper.

The children are all enjoying a healthy snack together.

The great adventurers week 13 and 14

Our next ABC and beyond word was beware. The children had to look out for dangers in the picture and identify what they needed to beware of. They learned that beware means watch out.

“Beware of the dog.”

“Beware of cars.”

The children enjoyed climbing so we brought out the crash mat for children to jump off the wooden box. Each time they had to beware of anyone on the mat and watch out to make sure it was ok to jump.

In the garden the children have enjoyed digging. The boys were digging for treasure.

Some children have been using water to paint different things in the garden. They enjoyed looking at what happened when they put water over ice.

After decorating the tree in the nursery we wondered if we could have an outdoor Christmas tree. The children helped plant a branch which had fallen off the tree using spades and wheel barrows to collect soil. They worked together to ensure it had a strong foundation so it would stay standing. They enjoyed using different kinds of decorations to decorate their tree.

Other children enjoyed using loose parts to build their own dens and houses. They used bamboo and mallets to keep the bamboo stuck in the ground.

Layla has been practising hers numbers this week counting out different quantities using stickers.

The great adventurers week 12

This week the children started their new ABC and beyond story Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. The word of the week is weave meaning winding in and out. The children have participated in various activities around the nursery and out in the garden to help them learn their new word weave.

Some children enjoyed making potions in the garden making sure they kept safe by wearing their safety goggles.


Some enjoyed exploring chalk outside creating their own pictures and mixing chalk with water.


The children enjoyed mixing mud and water and working together to fill up trucks.

The children enjoyed the rain this week and added more water to create bigger puddles.

Inside some children have enjoyed following instructions to create different models using Mobilo.


Some children worked on recognising and sequencing numbers to 10.

The boys and girls enjoyed putting on a puppet show for others to watch using songs from our Nativity.



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