Dylan has been developing his fine motor skills threading reels onto string.

Finn has been exploring numbers and shapes.

Ocean has been developing her gross motor skills through climbing and using a ball.

River has also been developing her climbing skills and exploring the sand with Finn.

A few others have been exploring the sand together too.

Some of the children continue their transition visits to the 3-5 garden.

Together the children participate in Bookbug singing a range of songs and rhymes.

They also explore stories together.


The pre-school children have been reading the Yeti’s roar by Carol Arnott. The story focuses on developing a growth mindset continuing to try when you are learning to do something new and not giving up.

There is more information about how you can help your child to develop a growth mindset on the Get Set Yeti Facebook page or you can visit the website at getsetyeti.com under the parents and carers section .


To mark the end of their time at nursery, the pre-school children had a campfire with popcorn.


Small groups of children have been developing their skills in riding a bike through daily practise.

A few children have been exploring and sequencing numbers.

Deryn made up a fantastic story during his nursery narrative group.

A few children selected a story and read it together.

Ali wanted to make some ice. He froze some of the dinosaurs. Others joined in trying to free the dinosaurs from the ice.

A group of children used the logs to create their own campfire re-enacting their previous experience.

Oscar and Henry have been looking at the book Look and say what you see in the town. They have been finding images hidden in a bigger picture and naming some of the things they see.

A couple of children came up with the idea of creating their own hot tub when they noticed the pot was full of water.

A group of children used natural loose parts to create models with play dough.


A number of children designed and created their own Scotland flags to celebrate the start of the Euros last week. The flags were hung around the garden.




A number of children have explored different textures within sensory play using their feet.

Together, the children read the story of the 3 little pigs. They revisited the story re-enacting parts of this within their play.


Here are some of the children having snack together in the garden.

A number of children also continued their transition visits to the 3-5 garden trying out lots of new things.



A few of the children have shown great interest in threading creating bracelets and necklaces.


Jessica used loose parts to create her own aeroplane using this within role-play with others. Owen came up with the idea of adding wheels to the plan using tyres.

Others have been finding different ways to move across apparatus.

Ivie has shown interest in writing numbers.

Oliver and Skyler have been creating models using different construction materials.

A few children have been identifying how they are feeling and showing this by putting their photograph next to a feeling picture.

A few children continue to show an interest in shape sticking magnets together and drawing around them to re-create the shapes.

Others have been investigating the mud kitchen using loose parts and water for cooking role-play.

A few children have been finding and investigating beetles and snails.