The great adventurers 18.12.19

The children have continued to learn about a new season each week their ABC and beyond book Tree.

In week one they learned about autumn. A few children were developing their fine motor skills using tweezers and tongs to pick up leaves and pinecones.

In week two they learned about winter. Some children participated in sensory play.

In week three they learned about spring. A few children were cutting and planting flowers.

In the fourth week they learned about summer. Some children looked at another seasons book and did a sorting activity where they matched pictures to the create season picture.

Some children have continued to explore the interactive whiteboard using the pen to create their own pictures.

A few children have been continuing to sequence numbers, count out quantities and identify numerals.

Some of the children used number fans to choose a number of different numbers of digits which someone else had to guess.


Here are the blue group on their trip to the library.

Some children participated in a game of animal bingo together taking turns to match pictures to those on their board.

A few children have been learning to use the bee bot. They have been learning language of direction and using the arrows to get the bee bot to go in a certain direction. They used the bee bot on the mat making it go to different numbers.

Taylor wanted to move the bee bot around the room. She then decided to make a track for the bee bot.

The little explorers 11.12.19

A few children chose to help decorate the Christmas tree.

Some children used a range of collage materials to create their own Christmas cards. Through this they have been developing their fine motor skills.

Here are some children helping to make reindeer hot chocolate gifts for the Christmas fayre.

When playing in the garden, Rowyn spotted a rainbow in the sky. The rainbow seemed to moved position and she kept looking to see how it was changing. Rowyn then looked at a book about the weather and found a rainbow on one of the pages.

Rowyn and Kane have been roleplaying “Doing work” through mark making. They have also been using their clipboards to take ice cream orders .

Some of the children explored sensory play through angel dough. The moulded it together making different shapes and models.

They have been using hoops as targets and developing their throwing skills using beanbags.

Joshua has been developing his ball skills through kicking a football.

A few children worked together using the construction blocks to create a castle.

Some children used large wooden blocks to create a game jumping from one place to another whilst staying on the blocks.

Kane ordered the rings by size going from the biggest to the smallest placing them onto the holder.

Remi-leigh was putting the cars in order matching the colour of car to the colour of number.

Remi-leigh was looking at the numbers on the wooden blocks. Some children started to use mark making to try and copy the numbers.

The children continue to develop their fine motor skills through using paintbrushes.

A few children have also been developing their fine motor skills through threading and using scissors.

As a few children had shown a real interest in stories, the morning children had a trip to the library where they got new stories to bring back to nursery and listened to some music. Some of the children were keen to dress up whilst they were there too.

Great adventurers 5.12.19

In the construction area, a number of children have shown interest in building ramps and bridges.

They investigated ramps of different materials discussing what happened when they put a car down each ramp.

They then looked at different shaped ramps predicting which ramp would make their car go the fastest using stickers to record the number of ramp they thought would make the car go the fastest. When making their predictions they were encouraged to share why they thought that ramp would make the car go the fastest.

Emily-Mae was keen to see how far she could make her car travel trying out different ramps. She learned how to measure the distance using a measuring tape. When the car went further she realised she needed more than one measuring tape to measure how far it had gone and got more measuring tapes.

In the art studio there has been a real interest in sewing. Children have chosen different items they want to design and been developing their fine motor skills and how to use a needle safely.

Some of the children have made their own clothes using ready made clothes as a template to draw onto fabric.

Zac and Lacey chose to make cushions choosing a fabric and learning how to sew it together.

Some of the children have shown an interest in decorations sticking material around the nursery.

They threaded beads onto pipe cleaners and also used feathers to design their own tree decorations.

They then put some cardboard boxes together and painted them green to create a Christmas tree. They used lights and the decorations they made to decorate the tree.

Some of the children have also been doing some wrapping creating presents to go under the tree.

At the work bench, a number of children have been using the saw to cut pieces of wood. Taylor sanded down the wood afterwards to make it smooth. They worked together to hammer the pieces of wood together to create a Christmas tree decoration. Once it was stuck together they painted it to add some colour.