The little explorers 31.10.19

The children enjoyed sensory play exploring leaves and pumpkins. Some children filled up the pumpkins with leaves.

They also painted leaves using these to print pictures.

They used the pumpkin seeds in the home corner making food for their friends.

They were developing their fine motor skills through decorating biscuits for Halloween.

Jessica and Rebecca enjoyed exploring a story finding worms on each page.

In the garden they continue to develop their gross motor skills playing on the bikes. They have also been building their own obstacle courses providing opportunities for them to climb.

Some children showed an interest in walking around the edge of the sandpit developing their balancing skills.

The children have been talking about colour sorting different objects by colour. They are developing their self-help skills using the tongs which they use when serving their own snack.

Jessica was exploring the pebbles in the water tray. She lined them up and looked at the different sizes she had.

The great adventurers 24.10.19

This week the children started their new ABC and beyond book Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet after a number of children showed an interest in Supertato stories before the holidays. This week their word was round meaning something that is circle shaped. Some children have been identifying things that are round in the nursery.

A number of the children have been exploring the new art studio.

On Monday the children had some time in the playground developing their physical skills through participating in the obstacle course and climbing. After this they had the challenge of collecting 5 leaves each. The children have been using these leaves in the art studio.

Some of the children have enjoyed participating in matching games and board games. They have been learning about taking turns and how to move around a board game.

Some of the children have been using planks of wood to create roads and ramps representing bridges. Malcolm was keen to try and put different things on the ramp including different vehicles and himself.

Some children were enjoying listening to some music. They were asked if they wanted instruments to play along and explored playing along to the beat of the music.

Taylor enjoyed doing some painting in the garden.

Riley, Brandon and Riley were using sponges, cloths and soapy water to clean the boat.

This afternoon, the children enjoyed doing finger rhymes and other songs as part of Big Noise.