The great adventurers memories

In ABC and beyond the children finished reading Shark in the Park by Nick Sharratt. They helped to retell the story by joining in with the rhyming words.


They have been identifying other rhyming words by matching objects which sound the same and matching pictures.


The great adventurers have had opportunities to develop fine motor skills through mark making. They have been mark making in rice, flour, foam and salt using sticks and brushes.


In the garden some children have been developing their gross motor skills doing hops and jumps inside the 10 frames.

Jack was using his problem solving skills working out what he needed and how to fit pieces together to make his own car. He then decided to make it into a motorbike.


Riley worked so hard building a very tall tower. He showed persistence and did not give up even when it fell over. He was so proud of his tower when he completed it.


Oscar was role-playing a Dr checking Katie’s breathing to make sure she was ok.


Some children enjoyed exploring puddles in the garden. They had to work together to help one another when some children got stuck in a big puddle.


Macy and Niyah were helping to look after the garden by watering the plants.


The pre-school children have had transition visits to the school. They enjoyed playing with the primary ones and twos and seeing what the classrooms were like.


In Big Noise, some of the children have been practising moving the Lycra trying to keep to the best of the music.


Layla and Radwan have enjoyed playing together creating pieces of art work.


Lots of children were helping in the garden picking out radishes.


A number of children have enjoyed searching for gardens in the worms. We have talked about what worms need and how to look after them.


Arlo was challenging himself in the sensory room trying to get the ball into different holes. He challenged himself to get the ball in a higher up hole in the net.

Jack used different logs to create his own bridge to go over the puddle so he could cross it.


Jaxon used some bamboo sticks to make himself into an ant.

Dahlia enjoyed role playing a teacher getting her friends together to do some singing.

Mia has been developing her fine motor skills through threading reels onto string. She then practised her counting skills counting from the bottom to the top to see how many reels she had on her string counting as she went.

Some of the children participated in a puppet group this term. They started off by choosing the puppet the liked the most. they gave it a name and developed a character for their puppet. they then went on to design and build a home for their puppet. The puppets went on an adventure and the children each identified what happened to their puppet whilst on this adventure.

Morning group

Afternoon group

Lots of fun was had at the nursery family fun day.

The little explorers memories

Somaya has been using the visuals learning what each of the symbols means.

In snack the children enjoyed making their own healthy wraps.


Lots of children have enjoyed exploring paint using brushes and paint pens.


The boys and girls have been busy with lots of learning. They have stuck photos of what they have been learning in the floor book and enjoyed looking back at it to remember what they have been learning.

Lots of children enjoyed making their own playdough and investigating what they can do with it.


Some of the boys and girls enjoy playing peek a boo hiding in the tee pee.

The little explorers enjoyed looking at their learning journals seeing photos of themselves and remembering some of the experiences they had.

Riley enjoyed exploring a story trying hard to turn the pages by herself.

Tyler was busy in the home corner making food for Ayva.

A few of the children enjoyed exploring small world figures making the figures come to life.

In Big Noise the boys and girls have been listening to the violin. This week they helped Gordon to play it.

The children had lots of fun on the trip to the Deer Centre.

The children enjoy regular visits to the sensory room exploring the lights and mirrors.


Some of the boys and girls have had transition visits to the 3-5s room this term. They enjoyed playing in the garden exploring with water and different pipes. They also enjoyed mark making and exploring the tools at the workbench.


The children enjoy having snack outside when the weather is nice.

The children have been busy in the garden planting.

Riley enjoyed exploring bubbles in the garden.