Some children have been exploring mark making using chalk.

A few of the children have shown interest in numbers pointing out and naming numbers that are familiar to them.

Children explore stories with others and independently.

Georgie has shown interest in shapes.

In the garden, children have been exploring opportunities for physical play developing their gross motor skills.

Through puzzles, children are developing their problem solving skills identifying where each piece goes and developing their fine motor skills too.

A few children have been engaging in role-play using small world figures and vehicles.


Bubble A

Due to some children’s interest in space, in group time they have started to focus on the cow who fell to Earth as their new ABC and beyond story. This week they were learning about the word problem.

In Word Aware, the children have been learning about the word quick this week. They did different actions quick whilst other children guessed which action they were doing.

Both indoors and out, a number of children have been investigating water in different ways.


Fatimah, Eden and Hollie have been cooking and serving food in the mud kitchen.

Rebecca, Riley and Alba have been mark making using chalk.

Fatimah continues to show interest in making things. She used different materials to create a rocket.

A few children have been building using different construction materials.

This week, some children have been investigating numbers in different ways.

Bubble B

This week in group time, the children started to focus on their new ABC and beyond story. This week they learned about the word high as the frog jumped high.

In the water tray, a few children have been engaging in role-play using some of the characters to retell the story.

Other children used the story to draw pictures of tadpoles.


In Word Aware, some children have been learning about the word thick. They sorted different items into thick and not thick.

Kayden and Lyall used recycled objects to create their own rocket.

Other resources were provided for children to investigate different ways of creating robots.

In the garden, a group of children have been practising number recognition and counting by shooting water towards number targets.

Others have been counting out quantities of shells and counting skittles whilst playing bowling.

A few children have been sequencing numbers and trying to identify each number participating in jumping games.

Whilst roleplaying on the boat Rory noticed the boat was missing a flag. He gathered materials and worked with others to create a flag.

Jessica and Taylor looked at their learning journals together  looking at the photos and recalling some of the things they have been doing in nursery.


Big Noise music sessions

Usually the children participate in Big Noise music sessions in nursery but unfortunately the team are unable to come in to nursery at the moment. They have some videos of their music sessions which you can participate in with your child by accessing the link below and typing in the password or you can go to the Big Noise Douglas Facebook page where they post the videos every Friday at 11am.


Password:  BNDnursery

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