A few children have been developing their independence skills using the water butt.

The children have been helping to develop and look after the garden through planting.

Children have had opportunities to develop their gross motor skills and manage their own risk through exploring larger apparatus for climbing and jumping.

This group of children were exploring shapes and numbers together.

A few children have been measuring out ingredients to create their own paint. They have used this to make their own marks.


Bubble A

In Word Aware, the children were learning about the word long. Some children have been comparing heights with others and measuring different items around the garden.

In Abc and beyond, they were learning about the word joined meaning to come together. In the story the sheep joined one another.

A number of children have been exploring sensory play in different ways.


A few children have been using their imagination creating different objects using Lego bricks.

Alba and Jessica have been practising identifying numbers and counting out quantities of objects.

A couple of children used construction materials to create their own bike ramp.


Bubble B

In Word Aware they have been learning about the word habitat. They matched animals to their habitat.

In ABC and beyond they have been learning about the word pair meaning two of the same thing.

A few children have been putting together pairs of socks as they were all mixed up.

Children took turns to use the saw to cut up piping for the garden.

They worked together to create a piping wall which objects can travel through.

Both indoors and out, children have been investigating shapes. They have been learning the names of unfamiliar shapes, using shapes to build and create pictures. Others have been weaving ribbon through shapes.

A few children have shown interest in writing numbers.

Kane, Aniyah and Kash worked together with the dice creating their own game.

A few children have shown interest in learning how to use scales.

This group of children set up a garage for fixing bikes.

A number of children continue to show great interest in looking for and investigating mini beasts around the garden.

Big Noise music sessions

Usually the children participate in Big Noise music sessions in nursery but unfortunately the team are unable to come in to nursery at the moment. They have some videos of their music sessions which you can participate in with your child by accessing the link below and typing in the password or you can go to the Big Noise Douglas Facebook page where they post the videos every Friday at 11am.


Password:  BNDnursery

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