The Great adventurers 30.01.2020

In ABC and beyond the children started reading a new story.

Last week they were learning about the word whisper and this week they have been focusing on the word backwards.

To celebrate Burns day, the children learned about Robert Burns and got to look at a kilt. They learned some Scottish songs and did some Highland dancing. They also tried haggis and tatties at an altogether snack time.

A few children decided to set up their own shops. Some children have also shown interest in writing and posting letters.

Marcel decided he wanted to make a treasure map. Other children were interested in making treasure maps too. They used tea bags but needed some more.

They went on a walk to a local shop to buy some things for the nursery and pick up more tea bags for their treasure maps. They found what they needed and had the opportunity to use money to pay for the items. They also visited the post office to post some letters.

Some of the children have shown a real interest in playing with dinosaurs. they  discussed what they already know about dinosaurs and what they might like to find out about them. One of the children wanted to freeze the dinosaurs. Riley wanted to find out the name of a dinosaur.

They made their own dinosaurs fossils then investigated different tools they could use to dig out the fossils.

Taylor used a range of loose parts to create a dinosaur unicorn.

In the garden, some children have shown interest in developing ball skills and throwing and catching different objects.

This is being extended during gym time through participating in obstacle courses and developing throwing and catching in different ways.

Some children have been investigating how water travels connecting different containers to try and get water to flow through.

A few children have also been helping to look after the environment through planting, gardening and watering the plants.

This week we had our stay and share on Tuesday. The children got to try out some of the play along maths games which will be sent home with different children each week to try out at home.

In the garden, some children were focusing on recognising numbers and counting out quantities. They got a ticket to and had to go around the tree on a bike or scooter that number of times.

Other children rolled the dice and went on a hunt around the garden to see if they could find that number of natural materials in the garden. Some children tried to find stones whilst others collected leaves and sticks.

Deryn collected toy cars.

A few children chose to play what’s the time Mr wolf practising counting in sequence.

Here are some of the children learning to ride a bike at Play on pedals.

Brandon has been practising very hard and this week he learned to ride the pedal bike all by himself! Here he is with his certificate and key ring.

The Little explorers 23.1.2020

Some of the children have been developing their fine motor skills using tweezers.They have also been sorting objects by colour.

In the garden, Kane has been developing his ball skills using a bat and ball.

After watching Kane, some of his friends wanted to join in too.

The children are developing their self help skills washing their own dishes.

Some of the children noticed there was ice in the garden one morning. They explored it using their senses and investigated how to break it.


They continued to explore this inside creating their own ice. They investigated different ways of making the ice melt.


They added colour to make ice of different colours.

Children continue to develop their cutting skills cutting different materials.

Riley showed an interest in making slime. Some children mixed together shaving foam, glue and paint to create this. They explored the slime using their senses.

Amy stacked the cups placing them in order of size from the biggest to the smallest.

Kane and Ash worked together to problem solve how to fit different shapes into the boat.

Ash chose to revisit the story of the 3 little pigs which he had previously been read. He pointed out and named characters in the book and lifted the flaps to find out what happened.

In the garden, the children continue to develop their gross motor skills through riding bikes and pushing carts and prams.