The little explorers 28.11.19

Some of the children have been exploring different sounds they can make through playing musical instruments.

Tyler was collecting and transporting sand using the roller digger to spread the sand out. He kept collecting more until he had covered the area.

Some of the children have been exploring paint developing their fine motor skills through using a paintbrush.

Harper is following the nursery routines taking good care whilst brushing her teeth.

A number of children enjoy investigating different construction materials to build their own models.

Some of the children enjoyed some relaxation time listening to gentle music.

A number of children continue to show an interest in reading stories.

Rowan chose Goldilocks and the 3 bears and others wanted to hear the story too. she continued to revisit the story and represent parts of the story in her roleplay.

They have been exploring different puzzles problem solving to put the pieces in the right places.

Joshua used loose parts to create his own bridge.

Amy created a picture using collage materials.

Some of children have been roleplaying doctors and nurses helping to look after patients who are not well.

The great adventurers 22.11.19

A number of children have shown a real interest in playing games. They have been learning to use the interactive whiteboard to play games. Through this they have been learning to share and take turns.

In the 3 bears game they were sorting food by size feeding it to each of the bears.

They have also been developing their memory skills through playing pairs.

Some children were keen to play picture bingo identifying what picture was on their card and giving it to a friend if it was on their bingo board.

In ABC and beyond, the children have started reading the non-fiction book Tree by Britta Teckentrup. They are starting to learn the difference between fiction and non-fiction books.  Through this book they are learning about the four seasons. This week we have been learning about autumn when the trees lose their leaves.

Some of the children have been matching autumn leaves playing a pairs game.

As the children are learning about time through seasons of the year, they have also started to look at a calendar. They are beginning to learn songs about days of the week and months of the year. They have also been counting in sequence to identify the date. Part of the calendar also includes identifying the season and the weather that day. This supports the children to identify changes in weather and the impact of this on their environment.

A few children have been exploring the cranes finding different objects in the nursery and problem solving to try and get the crane to lift the object.

In the garden, some children have been exploring water from different levels identifying how to get water to flow from one place to another.

Some children were keen to wash the nursery windows using different containers to splash the windows and watching how far the water travelled.

In Big noise, the children have been singing rhymes.

Some of the children were keen to join in a memory game with Michele. They had to look at all the animals and memorise them. When Michele covered them over and took one away they had to guess which one was left listening to all of the words in the clues.

Jacob and Layla showed interest in playing a picture word match game. They are beginning to hear the sounds at the start of certain words and used the colours of the puzzle pieces to help them match words to pictures.

Taylor was exploring magnets through the trains. She worked out that if she put the trains a certain way round she could make the train move along the floor without being connected to one another through counteracting the magnets. She continued to add more trains to her set moving a few trains along the floor.

Some of the children have shown interest in building bridges in the garden to go over on the bikes and scooters. They have been participating in bridge construction challenges  in the garden using different construction materials to create bridges. They have also been looking at photographs of different types of bridges.

Kacper wanted to look bridges on the computer. Lewis was keen to see them too.  They watched a video of the Tay rail bridge with a train leaving Dundee then the Tay road bridge with cars and other vehicles going into Dundee. They learned that there is separate bridge for trains and that not all vehicles go across the Tay road bridge. They were also keen to see underneath the Tay road Bridge and were excited to see a large pink rubber duck outside the Apex Hotel.

The little explorers 15.11.19

Some of the children have been building with a range of loose parts problem solving to get one piece to fit on top of the other and developing their fine motor skills.

A number of children  explored the home corner transporting playdough and using it to make their own food. They were sharing the food with one another and looking after the baby too.

Joshua has shown a real interest in dinosaurs and was keen to look at the dinosaur book to find out more.

The children used the paint pens to make their own firework pictures on Bonfire night.

Together they serve and share a healthy snack and are encouraged to try new foods.

A number of the children are starting to show a real interest in stories selecting a story of their choice from the home corner and seeking out an adult to share the story with them.

Some of the boys have been investigating the construction blocks showing perseverance when building high towers and problem solving when the blocks fall down.

Riley has been developing her cutting skills through cutting up playdough.

Some of the children have shown an interest in completing puzzles developing their fine motor skills as they work out how to fit pieces together.

Kane was identifying the shapes of puzzle pieces and finding the matching shape on the board where each piece would fit.

Lewis and Tyler decided to play in the tepee taking the fire truck inside so they could play with it.

The great adventurers 7.11.19

In ABC and beyond the children have been continuing to explore Supertato.  They explored where vegetables come from when playing with vegetables on the farm. Some children identified that vegetables can be grown in gardens.

This week their ABC and beyond sparkle word was broccoli. They had the opportunity to try carrots, broccoli, cucumber and peas and vote for their favourite one. In their groups they created a pictogram and talked about which vegetables were the most and least popular. All of the children’s votes will be put together to create a whole nursery pictogram.

One of the main characters in Supertato is Evil Pea who escapes from the freezer and traps the other vegetables. The children have been developing their fine motor skills by catching the evil peas using different sized tweezers and placing the peas in Numicon shapes.

Some children have shown an interest in playing big board games in the garden. This was extended inside playing snakes and ladders and then using other boards to support children to play games independently. They have been developing their turn taking skills and been practising counting when using the dice and moving their counter around the board. Some children challenged themselves by using more than one dice and adding them together.

They have also been developing skills in sharing and talking to others completing puzzles together and playing snap.

Jacob has been identifying numbers to 20 and counting each dot to match the quantity to the number.

In group time, children have been looking at different aspects of number. Some children have been practising the number sequence to 10 using songs. Other children have been focusing on recognising numbers up to 5 or 10. Another group have been identifying 2 quantities and adding them to find out how many they have altogether.


In the water tray, the children have shown an interest in sea creatures. They have been identifying different animal names, finding animals that matched and comparing the size of different creatures.