A few children have been sorting objects by colour this week. They have also started to count out some objects.

A couple of children have shown interest in building towers using different construction materials.

A couple of children have shown interest in exploring stories.


A group of children have shown an interest in police role-play and building a police station. This week we watched a video to find out more about what the police do and how they help people.

Some children have been using the small word people figures engaging in role-play and building homes for them.

A few children have been identifying familiar letters to them and practised copying letters.

Ali has been identifying the letter at the start of words.

A few children continue to show interest in shapes using them to build and make pictures.

Joshua and Aarron were forming shapes in the salt.

A group of boys used the soapy water to make a large puddle for them to splash in.

A few children have shown interest in exploring the leaves sitting in them and throwing them up in the air watching them fall.

A group of children played pairs identifying pictures that matched.

In the garden, a group of children used loose parts to create their own pirate ship. They created a flag and treasure maps.

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