In the garden, a group of children have been developing their gross motor skills through participating in obstacle courses and climbing.

Some children have been adding water to the sand observing how it changes consistency. They have used the trucks and diggers to collect and transport the sand.

Hudson has been developing his fine motor skills doing jigsaws.

A couple of children have been mark making using chalk.

Hallie has been helping her friends this week by taking off their coats.

A couple of children have been exploring the tools roleplaying builders.

A few of the boys got together to create some music.


A few children have been investigating different electrical equipment at the workbench taking it apart using the tools. Others have been using the wood to hammer nails into.

After learning about the word stitch in their story last week, a few children tried stitching themselves.

In the garden, a group of children have shown interest in controlling traffic learning about different signs that can be used.

Ali has been practising writing numbers using chalk.

A few children wanted to use the bridges but they would not stand up on their own. Harley looked for something to hold up the bridge and problem solved until she had the right number of pieces to hold up the bridges.

In the other garden, a group of children worked together using a pulley to pick up and transport items.

Joshua noticed the fan which blew onto the garden. He collected leaves and brought them to the fan letting go of them and observing how the fan made the leaves to travel. Oliver observed what Joshua was doing and joined in.

Others were jumping in the leaves and burying one another.

Inside, a few children have been using shapes to create their own pictures and towers.

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