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S3 visit Kirn P7 before Transition to Dunoon Grammar

Kirn PS Transition 1Girls from S3 at Dunoon Grammar School visited our classroom in Kirn today to tell us more about life in Dunoon Grammar School and they were great!

After a brain gym game to get us actively thinking, they divided us into groups and worked with us, brainstorming our worries and encouraging us to remember the positives about ‘moving up to The Grammar’.

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p7 Beetle Drive at Dunoon Primary

DPS Beetle Drive 1Dunoon Primary School P7 pupils organised a Beetle Drive to raise funds for their Benmore Transitional Weekend.
The children organised everything from collecting raffle prizes, selling tickets, costing and making smoothies which involved the pupils visiting local shops to price local produce. They took a great pride in organising this event themselves.

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An Early Christmas Present

Our p7 pupil, Colin, was delighted when a parcel arrived for him at school.
As part of his personal challenge work Colin has been researching ferries in the UK.
He recently wrote a letter to Caledonian Macbrayne asking for information on how to become a ferry skipper. He was very surprised to receive a package of goodies and a very detailed letter explaining the career path and even sharing some trade secrets!
We would all like to say a very big thank you to Cal Mac for this lovely early Christmas present.


Former SPL Star Visits DGS
It’s not every day that DGS pupils can boast of being part of a football training session with a national cup winning manager – but that is exactly what happened last week, when Dylan Kerr visited the school.
Dylan enjoyed a very long and distinguished playing career, including successful spells with Leeds United and Kilmarnock.


Gaelic Transition through Local History

Ms Howitt from Dunoon Grammar School initiated a transitional topic for the Gaelic medium pupils of Sandbank Primary School where they could gradually get to know the staff, subjects and building during their last couple of years at Primary. The pupils were already working upon an enquiry based local history project which allowed many opportunities for interdisciplinary work, some of which were suitable for the Grammar staff to lead.

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St. Mun’s ‘Buddies’ Welcome Our New Primary Ones – Flying High Together

Going back to school after the summer holidays can be difficult for everyone but just put yourself in the shoes of a 4 or 5 year old Primary One pupil. All those big children and ‘hard’ sums, not to mention the long day, would be enough to put even the most confident of us into a spin.

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Achaleven Primary sponsored walk

Achaleven Primary raised a fantastic £198.95 at their recent sponsored walk from Dunbeg to Ganavan and back. Some of the incoming primary one pupils also joined them for the event to help raise funds for the school garden. The sun shone and they had a wonderful picnic with the toddler group at Ganavan beach to rejuvenate them for the journey back.

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Ben More S1 induction

The annual Tobermory HS S1 Induction excursion to Mull’s Ben More resulted in another fantastic top out on a clear summit. Views to neighbouring Islay, Arran, Jura and as far reaching as Ireland and Skye greeted the new enthusiastic and energetic S1s. The objective of the day is getting to know each other better and so reaching the summit is a brilliant bonus.

News from Cardross Primary School

Commonhealth games
Cardross Primary had a visit from Hopscotch theatre company. They performed ‘The Commonhealth Games’, it was a super production enjoyed by everyone!

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Oban High and the Digital Commonwealth 2014

The nationwide Digital Commonwealth project run by UWS, focuses on lowering the threshold for involvement for individuals and groups so that they can be empowered to exploit creative tools and technologies to tell their stories, digitally. The project aim is to involve every Local Authority in Scotland in the digital reporting of the Commonwealth themes in the run up to the Queen’s Baton Relay. The schools programme promotes digital media literacy skills through a series of in-school training workshops, Continue reading Oban High and the Digital Commonwealth 2014

Rothesay Academy pupil off to Conservatoire

Argyll and Bute Council’s Policy Lead on Education and Lifelong learning, Councillor Aileen Morton, has added her congratulations to Rothesay Academy pupil Daniel McDermott who has been offered a much sought-after place at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, in Glasgow.
Daniel, who is a member of the National Youth Band of Scotland and plays with the Inveraray District Pipe Band, will study for a BA degree in Scottish Music and Bagpiping. Continue reading Rothesay Academy pupil off to Conservatoire

Beautiful Butterflies

Primary four pupils at Colgrain Primary school have had the opportunity to care for and release Painted Lady Butterflies. On the 12th September the tiny caterpillars arrived through the post in a tub full of food. After 2 weeks the caterpillars had formed their chrysalides and were then ready to be transferred into a butterfly garden. On the 30th September an amazing thing happened – the butterflies began to emerge from their chrysalides! Primary four pupils were extremely lucky to see this super transformation. After a few days of admiring the beautiful butterflies and feeding them with homemade nectar and fruits, primary four pupils were very proud to set them free in the school Eco Garden. What an amazing experience and a great addition to our Living Things topic.

Port Ellen Pre 5 Units Beautiful Butterflies

The children in Port Ellen Pre 5 unit have been very busy looking after some exciting new pets from our donated butterfly farm. The children transferred all the knowledge and skills that they have gained during our minibeast topic and used this to take care of our butterflies. We were all very excited when our tiny caterpillars arrived through the post. During the week they ate more and more and they grew very big and very fat – just like The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

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“Magic at Tarbert Academy”

Tarbert Academy nursery and P1/2 children have been working together on a “Fairyland” topic. This is being used as transition for the nursery children as they have been spending Wednesday mornings with their new teacher and her class.
They have all been very busy helping the dragon to build Fairyland. The dragon sent some magic beans which the children planted.  The beans grew and grew and the beanstalks are quite tall now.

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Southend Moderation and Open Days

Southend School and Pre-5 recently hosted their Open Days as well as being involved in the Authorities Moderation of Inter-Disciplinary Learning. The Pre-5 Open Day was used to bring parents of children under 5 into the building to meet staff and get to know other parents. We are starting a Playgroup in May as a result of asking what the new parents felt was lacking in the community.
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Lochgilphead High School Pupil Planner

Lochgilphead High School pupils receive a ‘Pupil Planner’ each year. The planners are issued to all four Clans and each Clan has it’s very own ‘Cover Design’. This coming August is no exception and S1 pupils were challenged to come up with a ‘Cover design’ during their art classes. The winning designs have been chosen and will be seen on each planner soon. Pictured are the four winners…

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National Science and Engineering Week at Port Ellen

We have had a busy science week, which kicked off with a visit by Dr Dave Stodhart from the Fraunhofer Institute in Glasgow. Dave works as a scientist making lasers that can detect escaping gas, and talked to us about his work and being an inventor. He also showed us how to make our own spectroscopes to see the colours found in light. It was excellent. Primary 6&7 shared their learning on light with primary 3&4, who then went on to create shadow puppets with what they learned.

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