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Holocaust Memorial Day at Tobermory High School

Tobemrory Holocaust Memorial Day 2Holocaust Memorial Day took place on Tuesday 27 January. This world-wide event remembers not only the victims of the Holocaust but commemorates those killed in the genocides in Bosnia, Cambodia, Rwanda and Darfur.

S3 worked in RME to plan a memorial in Tobermory High School. The gym was transformed by displays, lights, music and candles to become a temporary Holocaust Memorial. Display boards gave information on the genocides and Holocaust. Continue reading Holocaust Memorial Day at Tobermory High School

Tobermory on Trial!

Tobermory Trial 2As part of their learning on Crime and Punishment, S3 Social Subjects pupils from Tobermory, recently took part in a mock trial. The canteen was set up like an authentic court room and everyone in the class had a role to play; from prosecution and defence lawyers, to the usher and court clerk. We even had our own court artists and a representative from the press. In the end, and after some convincing arguments, the defendant was found “not guilty” by the jury.

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Rich World, Poor World at Tobermory High School.

S1/2 spent the day considering the topic of”Rich World, Poor World” in their latest RME conference. Over the morning they looked at some of the issues facing those in the world today. They started by dividing the world’s wealth between them (some had a lot more than others) and considered some of the factors which determine whether or not you have enough to eat. The group explored human rights and made a quilt to illustrate them . Paper chains were created to show what barriers there are for some and how these could be broken.
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Tobermory High School celebrated Book Week Scotland

Tobermory High School celebrated Book Week Scotland with a range of quirky, paper-related, activities. S1 used old books to create a stylish ‘Dress for a Booklover.’ Meanwhile, over the course of the week, the decking area was transformed to a wintry Narnia. Students tried their hands at origami and cake frosting, and primary pupils joined the Lady in the Green Kirtle for a storytelling session. Back in class, S6 students took some of their favourite books into primary. They talked about what they liked to read when they were in P7, and demonstrated that no-one is too old to enjoy a story, especially when it involves audience participation!

Tobermory High School Dazzle!

Tobermory High School recently presented its third musical production with two sell-out performances in the Aros Hall Tobermory. Dazzle, told the story of Poppy Pringle and the Dazzle Bay Fun Palace and featured a cast of 30 pupils from P5-S5. The cast all gave confident performances and delivered the songs with gusto. A live band helped to bring the story to life, and was made up of local musicians as well as friends of director, social subjects teacher, Ryan Lowe. Candyfloss and sticks of rock were sold at the interval to keep the fairground theme running from beginning to end. A fantastic show!

Ben More S1 induction

The annual Tobermory HS S1 Induction excursion to Mull’s Ben More resulted in another fantastic top out on a clear summit. Views to neighbouring Islay, Arran, Jura and as far reaching as Ireland and Skye greeted the new enthusiastic and energetic S1s. The objective of the day is getting to know each other better and so reaching the summit is a brilliant bonus.

Tobermory High School & Primary School Celebrate 2nd Green Flag

Tobermory High School 3-18 Learning Community are celebrating being awarded their second Eco Schools Green flag. The eco committee worked hard over the last 2 years to minimise waste, improve the school grounds and keep on top of litter across the campus. The Eco Schools assessor was impressed with the collaborative approach the school has adopted to tackling eco topics, working in conjunction with the Forestry Commission, Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust and the Mull and Iona community Trust.

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Tobermory High School Fundraising Breakfast for Typhoon Haiyan

Moved by the images of Typhoon Haiyan, pupils and staff at Tobermory High School swung into action to organise a fundraising breakfast. Our event on Wednesday raised over £600 for the Disasters Emergency Committee Philippines appeal. Pupils from P1- S6 got together in the canteen to share bacon rolls, and the canteen made a cauldron of delicious porridge. The Traditional Music group provided a rousing accompaniment to the event, and there were games to take part in.

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Author tours Argyll & Bute secondary schools.

Scots author Alan Bissett visited most of our secondary schools recently, delivering readings and hosting workshops.
The author of Boyracers, Pack Men, Death of a Ladies’ Man and The Incredible Adam Spark, who was brought up in Falkirk, spoke to S3-S6 pupils about what had inspired him to write his books. Alan, born in 1975, had his first novel published in 2001, and has also written two solo plays, a one-woman show and a short documentary, as well as numerous projects in collaboration with other artists. Continue reading Author tours Argyll & Bute secondary schools.

Death and the Afterlife

S1/2 in Tobermory completed their RME conferences for this year with a day on the theme of Death and the Afterlife. This could have been a particularly difficult theme to work on but S1/2 participated in the day in a sensitive and thoughtful manner. The group started the morning together discussing why we have funeral services and went to the church where Mr Paton talked through some of the ways in which people deal with loss and how a funeral might look in the Church of Scotland and how funerals have changed over the years. Continue reading Death and the Afterlife

Election Fever

S1 pupils recently held their own mock elections in school as part of their learning in the “Living in a Democracy” unit in Social Subjects. Pupils were divided up into 6 groups, each representing a political party and had to elect their own candidate. The groups organised their own campaign, canvassed support around the school and made their own campaign posters. A husting was held, where each candidate was able to deliver their parties manifesto of policies and promises. This was followed by questions from those in attendance.
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Tobermory High School had a fantastic response to their Bag2school collection. A total of 110 bags of textiles were donated on the day to raise funds for the school, This is a great effort from our small school. Pupils have really embraced the challenge to beat last year’s collection total. In doing so they have helped to reduce items going to landfill and helped to contribute to the “sustainability” topic of the eco schools programme.


Tobermory High – Comic Relief

From the youngest primary children to the oldest S6 and most of the staff everyone joined in the fun of Red Nose Day. Crazy hair and pyjamas were the themes and most people rose to the challenge so there were some interesting sights in Assembly. In primary they baked cakes and had an impromptu dance contest whilst in secondary most junior pupils had bought senior genies for the day who carried bags, helped with work and in some classes lead a bit of karaoke.

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Tobermory High – BBC Schools’ News Report

On Thursday 21st March students from S1 and S2 took part in the BBC’s School Report, making two news reports. One group made and completed a report on the importance of our ferries to everyday life on Mull. They had already been to Craignure and interviewed some of the staff at the port and some of the crew of the Isle of Mull including the Captain. They managed to meet the 2.00 editing deadline so that their report could go live on News Day. Continue reading Tobermory High – BBC Schools’ News Report

Film G Winners!

Congratulations to Ms McDonald’s S4 Film G team. ‘Tha an t-acras gam tholladh’ won the Film G Theme Award category for the film that interprets the FilmG theme – ‘Hunger/Desire’ – in the most original, engaging and inspirational way. Students attended the award ceremony at The Arches in Glasgow on 22nd March. Continue reading Film G Winners!

Tobermory RME – Creation Stories

In the latest of this year’s RME conferences S1/2 looked at how people have tried to answer a question that humans have been trying to answer for thousands of years, “how was Earth created?”. The day’s theme was Creation Stories and the day began by looking at the art of storytelling and the differences between fairy tales, myths and legends. In groups students tried to re-tell some familiar fairy stories and noticed that each group told the story in a slightly different way, after working out the morals of the stories, they went on to look at myths and legends using Richard 3rd to try and find the truth between fact and fiction. Continue reading Tobermory RME – Creation Stories

FilmG – Tobermory High School

Gàidhlig pupils from S4 and S6 at Tobermory High School are celebrating after being shortlisted in two categories of the 12-17 category of the FilmG Awards. FilmG is a Gaelic short film competition which is now established as one of country’s best platforms for getting yourself and your work noticed. Schools from all over Scotland enter the competition every year. Continue reading FilmG – Tobermory High School

Ultimate Questions!

S1/2 students of Tobermory High School met for their latest RME Conference Day. The day’s theme was Ultimate Questions and involved a lot of deep thinking for students and staff. Listening to Johnny Nash the group reflected that there are indeed “more questions than answers” as they began the first task of the day which was to build a tower in their groups – the catch was they were allowed to communicate only by questions… Although all groups produced towers all admitted that the task had been very difficult, especially as there were time penalties when statements were made, in fact some students were reduced to silence and mime for some of the time. Continue reading Ultimate Questions!

Tobermory – S1/2 RME

S1/2 continued their RME conferences with a day on the theme of Rich World, Poor World. This busy day began with a look at how the world’s wealth is divided up and some of the issues that arise from this division of wealth. Using games the group could easily see what an unjust world we live in and how sometimes even those trying to help developing countries can sometimes make life worse for those already suffering. Continue reading Tobermory – S1/2 RME