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Dervaig Primary School Know Their Onions

Dervaig Primary pupils successfully grew onions and peas in their raised beds area this year and were delighted to win a 1st for the peas and a 3rd for the onions at the Tobermory Horticultural Show on Saturday 23 August 2014. The pupils are now looking forward to making a large pot of soup with the rest of their produce. They also won a 1st and 2nd in the photographic category, and a 3rd for a commonwealth painting.

Dervaig Primary School Summer Fair

The school held its annual summer fair on Sunday 8 June. The weather was good to us and stayed bright and sunny for the afternoon. The pupils, with the help of some parents, ran all the stalls. We also had a duck race in the River Bellart. This was a very successful afternoon and we raised the grand total £1200.

Dervaig Primary School

Primary 4-7 have been learning about Japan. Today we were very lucky to have a visit from Mr & Mrs MacKinnon. Mrs MacKinnon is Japanese and shared with us her knowledge of life in Japan. She talked about her school days and the many celebrations that happen throughout the year. Mr MacKinnon worked in Japan teaching English and gave us an insight into living in a Japanese village. The pupils played an exciting game to help learn a very simple alphabet. We finished the morning doing origami when we all made a samari helmet.

Dervaig Red Nose Day Sponsored Walk

On Saturday 16 March Dervaig children organised their third sponsored walk for Red Nose Day. They walked from Tobermory to Dervaig raising £230, from passing vehicles, in their buckets. They still have to add sponsor money to this fabulous amount! The children appreciated the help from parents and grandparents and would like to say an enormous Thank You to the Bellachroy Hotel for providing soup and sandwiches at the end of this long walk.

Spook the Dervaig Owl

Primary 1/2/3 in Dervaig Primary school had a very special visitor on Tuesday 27th of November, Spook, the Barn Owl. The children are currently reading The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark as a class novel. They are researching the different kinds of owls we have on Mull as well as exploring all of the exciting topics discussed in the book. Sue Dewar kindly brought the Barn Owl in to the class that morning for the children to see. We found out that Spook is 7 years old which is the same age as some of the pupils in the class!
Spook was brought to Sue when he was just 3 weeks old which means that he thinks he is human and that Sue is his Mum! In the wild Spook might only have lived to 3 or 4 years, however in captivity owls can live much longer. Continue reading Spook the Dervaig Owl