Southend Moderation and Open Days

Southend School and Pre-5 recently hosted their Open Days as well as being involved in the Authorities Moderation of Inter-Disciplinary Learning. The Pre-5 Open Day was used to bring parents of children under 5 into the building to meet staff and get to know other parents. We are starting a Playgroup in May as a result of asking what the new parents felt was lacking in the community.

The Moderation process was very valuable and we thank Jo Clark from Port Ellen Primary for all her encouraging comments and searching questions! Being involved in the Moderation helps staff to evaluate the work going on in their classrooms in a very non-threatening way

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  1. I had a wonderful day at Southend, picking up lots of top tips I can use in my classroom and discussing interdisciplinary learning in depth. Fantastic children who talked articulately about their learning. Thanks again for inviting me!

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