Wednesday 30th September

Another sunny day today so yet more time spent outside having fun. There was a lot of imaginative play happening in the sand pit with birthday cakes and other treats being made, and in the willow shelter which was a space rocket! At group time, morning and afternoon children spent time choosing their new library books which they can take home and enjoy with their families! In the messy room, we used autumnal colours to do our handprints and these are now on display in the big too where we have created a beautiful tree display. Pop in and have a look!

Nursery Tuesday 29th September

We spent a lot of time outdoors today as it was such a beautiful day! The pipes and slate were popular again with groups of children creating channels for balls to go down. They then chose balls of different weights to see which ones would go farthest! Lots of scientific fun! At group time, we looked at ‘sorting’ different things into groups. One group were sorting a set of plastic fish and decided the best way to sort them was into colours. Another group worked with lots of pine cones and came up with different ways of sorting them e.g. small and big, or small, thin and big. Great maths!