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Story of learning in P1/2/3

Every week pupils in P1/2/3 start Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays with a Busy Start activity based around a story they have heard. The children can choose from 3 activities over the course of the week and complete all tasks by the end of the week. The children take pictures and produce pieces of work which are then put together into a class ” Story of Learning”. So far this year we have completed activities based around “The Snail and the Whale”,” The trouble with dragons” and ” A huge bag of worries”.  The pupils are quickly engaged in their learning each morning and are keen to complete the range of activities available.

“Hola” or “Bonjour” – P1/2/3

This year all pupils at Westfield Primary will be learning 2 modern foreign languages- Spanish and French. Primary 1/2/3 are loving learning their new languages and can frequently be found breaking into French and Spanish to gain some extra house points. Children have being singing songs and learning simple phrases in Spanish with Ms Ferguson and ‘Juan’ and French with Mrs Agini and ‘Pierre’.

Très bien and bravo P1/2/3

P1/2/3 are raring to go!!!!

Pupils in Primary 1/2/3 did not take long to settle back into the swing of school life. P2/3 have been helping the new Primary 1’s to learn the class routines and get organised to start learning. Our first topic this term is “Caring World” and children have listened to the story “Oi, Get off our train” by John Burningham. The pupils quickly became interested in the topic and thinking about how we can help to make the world more caring.

We worked together to create a Class Charter to help our classroom become a caring classroom. We then worked collaboratively in pairs to make posters to illustrate the rules.

Whole School Summer Trip

This year the children visited East Links Farm in Dunbar and enjoyed a fun- filled day. The sun shone and so did the children.  An enjoyable day was had by all…

On Wednesday 25.06.14 Westfield Primary went to East Link Park and had lots of fun.

There were lots of activities which everybody enjoyed –  the go carts, the fortress and seeing the animals. We also enjoyed feeding the animals.

We all went on a steam train and saw all the animals in the field.  After the train journey, we all went for lunch.

After lunch we went on the crazy bikes and then we went for Ice lollies and then used the park and the go karts.

We all enjoyed it and it was lots of fun!

by Shona &  Gemma P7

Sports Day 2014!

Members of the Pupil Council worked very hard to organise our recent successful Sports Day with Mrs Browne. We were very lucky and the weather held out for a fantastic event. Lots of parents came along to support and unknowingly participate in the events.

Pupils competed against their class mates in various races in the morning and then worked collectively in their new school houses to win a house relay.

All points awarded were tallied for each house and scores mounted as the day progressed. In the afternoon there was much fun when children moved around a potted sports circuit and collected loads of points for their houses. The final event saw tug of war pull between infant classes in house teams and then more of the same for the Upper classes.

Pupils as always demonstrated stamina, endurance and fantastic sportsmanship. The final totals were then calculated and the new Westfield Sports Day Shield was awarded to …………. LIDDELL!!!!

Well done to all Liddell House members and all pupils for making the day a real success!!

Special thanks also to all the parents who participated in the parents

Pupil Council Elections

Westfield Primary Pupils recently voted for their new Pupil Council class representatives.

Each child was given 3 votes to  elect the most suitable candidate to represent their class.

The results were very close and the results were as follows……..

Primary 1 – tbc

Primary 2 –  Toby Petersen

Primary 3 – Angus Petersen

Primary 4 – Chloe Seagust

Primary 5 – Donnie Tod

Primary 6 – William Seagust

Primary 7 – Christopher Miller &  David Gibb

A primary 1 representative will be chosen next session and attend meetings from January.

Well Done!!!

Smoothie Bike hits Westfield!

As part of our Health and Wellbeing fortnight, our  P7  Health Champions organised for the Smoothie bike to visit our school. Shona from Together for Health came along and worked with Reece and Keegan with each class to learn how to make healthy smoothies and blend them using the Smoothie Bike. Everyone enjoyed the process and learned lots of interesting information about which colour of fruits help which part of our body….. and the smoothies tasted great too!!!