Nursery: Wednesday 16th September

This morning, the messy room was busy with clocks and numbers and cars and animals kept people busy in the big room. When we were playing outside, we used the big dice and played a number game where we had to find the number chalked on the floor that matched the number of spots on the dice.

In the afternoon, Quinn’s mum baked gingerbread with all the children. What a lovely smell permeated all the areas! There was still time to play outside, showing safe play, and carry out our Humpty Dumpty egg investigation.

Nursery: Tuesday 15th September

What another lovely sunny day! We were printing numbers at the painting table, making clocks at the gluing table and building wall for Humpty Dumpty using bricks. We had a lot of time to play outdoors and show that we know how to play safely. At group time in the morning, we investigated the difference between cooked and uncooked eggs. Gooey and interesting fun.

Global Citizenship Assembly

Well Done to the Global Citizenship Committee who held their first assembly of the year. It was nice to see some parents/grandparents coming along to watch. The members of the committee spoke about the Syrian Refugee Crisis and have asked us to bring in donations of toothpaste and shampoo to add to toilet bags which have been donated to enable us to send them to help some refugees. ¬†We reflected on how lucky we are and sang “We are the world.”