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Planting at Blackfaulds

The Eco Committee spent the afternoon helping residents at Blackfaulds nursing home to add colour to their garden by filling hanging baskets and pots with lots of lovely flowers. They then got to meet other residents, then were treated to hot chocolate and home made cupcakes to thank them for their efforts! Thanks to Marion at Blackfaulds for making us all feel so very welcome.

Earth Day 2017

Today was Earth Day, which coincided with our Eco Action Day, and the sun shone for us! What a busy, productive day!! With the help of many parents and family, we managed to:

  • create 4 raised beds ready to plant vegetables
  • fix the bug hotel
  • re-varnish the bird feeder and fill it with food
  • create a willow tunnel
  • tidy the courtyard and use the masses of moss from the floor to fill out the bug hotel
  • clean, paint and plant up the tyres in the garden
  • create a vertical pallet garden
  • renovate one of the benches (done by Barry in advance and brought back to the garden today)

Pretty impressive!! And the additional success moment today was opening the door to the brick outhouse which has been nailed shut for over a decade! We had lots of ideas as to what we might find inside…and what we found was a table tennis table, pool table and lots of posters.

We also received many plants and compost, donated by South Logie nursery – many thanks to them!

In return for all their hard work, our volunteers were treated to a plate of home-made stories, lovingly made by Mrs Grant, who also made sure there was plenty of tea and coffee for our team of workers.

And whilst the adults worked away and improving our school grounds, the children helped or played and had a lot of fun.

A huge thanks to all who came along, and especially to Louise Reid who played a key role in organising the day. It really was a super, community day that has had an already massive impact on the grounds. I very much look forward to our next Eco Action day!

Nursery Week

This has been a busy week in the Nursery. Children have enjoyed lots of different learning activities from painting to making beanstalks for Jack, from Jack and the Beanstalk, to climb.

Some children even decided to make volcanoes from junk.


The children also voted for the healthy vegetables they want to grow in the vegetable patch.

The morning children will be growing pumpkins, carrots and potatoes, while the afternoon children voted to plant peas, beetroot, onions and lettuce.

Please check out sway for more details.

Eco Committee need your help!

The Eco Committee (with the help of parent Helper Miss Louise Reid)  are hoping to develop the garden and courtyard to create outdoor learning environments that can be enjoyed by all. On the minutes (follow the Eco Committee tab at the top of the blog), you can see the ideas they have come up with so far. You will receive flyers soon telling you more, but please get in touch if there is anything you know you can help with.

Nursery Garden

Work on improving the nursery garden is well under way. Mrs Alexander has been extremely busy. She has already recycled some old tyres and turned them into all small wall around the vegetable patch.

The vegetable patch has also been dug over ready for planting. The children have been discussing what plants they would like to grow and will soon vote on their choices.


Mrs Alexander has also trimmed and reshaped  the willow dome for us.


Mrs Alexander has been coming in in her free time to get all this work finished. Thank you Mrs Alexander for all your hard work!

Den Building at Beecraigs

This morning, the Eco Committee spent a morning building a shelter using materials found lying on the ground around them in the forest. They worked hard and worked as a team to create a super water-proof and cosy den. Now they are planning to share these skills with others in the school by organising a den building event.

Meet your new Eco Committee!!

Your new Eco Committee consists of one pupil from each year group. They are full of enthusiasm and are looking forward to helping us all become more aware of how we can take care of our environment. Their first job will be to get us all involved in carrying out a review of our school, then they will set targets for the year based on the results of this review.

Gardeners needed!

Part of the requirements to achieve our Eco Schools green flag award is to make good use of the school grounds and to grow some of our own veg, as well as maintaining the garden areas. To do this, we need volunteers to help the committee. If you have green fingers and can maybe spare a couple of hours one morning or afternoon, please contact Ms Ferguson. Thank you!!