P5,P6 and P7

P5,6 and 7 have been learning about careers and now know what it is like to be an adult. They have also been learning about budgets in maths using  a real life context.

In R.M.E P5,6 and 7 were describing what they thought the meaning of life was. They have been making posters to show Live, Believe and Celebrate to display in the hall.

They are looking forward to performing their Assembly on Wednesday 9th September to all their peers and parents.

P1 And 2s Learning

P1 and 2 topic is farming and they are really enjoying it. They are also learning the sounds t,p and g.

In maths they are matching numbers up to 100 and copying numbers up to five.

They have also been learning how to use scissors by drawing their hands and cutting them out. They have been playing with jigsaws and drawing pictures and  learning and playing on the laptops.

By Ryan and Chloe