Thursday 16th September

What a busy day in nursery! In the messy room some children were making their own clocks using the junk materials, there is still interest in printing numbers. There was lots of water play and interest in the numbers on the side of the jugs.

There was a fire engine in our nursery big room today and this sparked a lot of interest.

Lots of outdoor play today, the PM children played ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’.

In group time we heard the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and tried to recall the story by sequencing the main events using sorting cards.

P3/4’s learning this week

P3/4 have been learning how to divide. They have learned  how to set the division out and chimney sums. They were making songs, a rap and its a secret! They were learning how to tell the time including half past and o’clock. Not to mention learning more Olly’s options, 8 of them! In PE they learned gymnastics and had a fun time on the wall bars. They learned about where certain religions go to worship to their Gods. They have also been doing comparisons and have learned what it means by asking and answering questions.

P1/2 Weekly learning

P1/2 have been busy writing a ” I am thankful for….” story and learning more of the alphabet and tricky words. In maths they have been learning more numbers and counting and adding with them. During drama they have been acting as a fox and a giant. They are still learning about farms in IDL but have been learning more about animals on the farm.

P5/6/7 learning

P5/6/7 have been learning about the Syria crisis and have written a newspaper report on the laptop. They have also drawn some pictures of how the refugees may feel. They have been creating some Pop Art by drawing favourite  sweet wrappers. They have been learning about rites of passage in RME and continuing to research on the Internet for their careers project.