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Healthy Eating and the world of work with Mr Khan

Staff and pupils at Westfield would like to thank Mr Khan for giving up some of his precious time to come and talk to us during our health event.Mr Khan gave a talk to the pupils about his job and how he came to work as a chef. He had also taken the time to prepare a curry dish for the children to sample. He spoke about the creativity involved in being a chef and the variety of flavours that can be created mixing spices.

Whole school healthy picnic

Another successful health week event which nearly passed without the rain calling off play.Pupils, parents, careers and friends joined us today in the school grounds to have a healthy picnic lunch. The sun shone for nearly the whole picnic before we were covered by a cloud and had to retreat into the hall to finish off.Thanks to all who attended and made it such a success.

Sports Day Fun

Pupils from Westfield today had their sports day where they participated in house teams. The weather held out until shortly before lunch time when we gave into the rain and retreated indoors after a few of the race events. Once inside, we quickly tallied the points from both sessions to discover this years Sports Day Salver winners. Ferguson were the successful champions this year closely followed by Stuart and Liddell.











Flat Race

P1 – 1st   Oliver      2nd    Tom                  3rd    Henry

P2 – 1st   Josh        2nd    Brodie               3rd    Elyse

P3 – 1st   Ffion        2nd    Sophie Lee      3rd    Jack

P4 – 1st   Meah        2nd    Kelsey             3rd   Jamie

P5 – 1st   Cyrus       2nd   Tia                     3rd    Lewis

P6 – 1st   Kai            2nd    Wiktoria        3rd    Katie

P7 – 1st   Bobby        2nd    Abby              3rd    Ryan

Egg and Spoon Race

P1 – 1st   Christopher   2nd    Oliver                  3rd    Kaila

P2 – 1st   Erin               2nd    Luca                     3rd    Leah

P3 – 1st   Sophie Lee   2nd    Jack                      3rd    Callum

P4 – 1st   Toby            2nd   Meah                      3rd   Kelsey

P5 – 1st   Lewis          2nd   Alexander              3rd    Tia

P6 – 1st   Wiktoria     2nd    Jowita                  3rd    Katie

P7 – 1st   Bobby        2nd    Abby                      3rd    Ryan

Skipping Race

P1 – 1st   Oliver           2nd    Ciara                     3rd    Tom

P2 – 1st   Josh               2nd    Brodie                3rd    Erin

P3 – 1st   Sophie Lee   2nd    Ffion                   3rd    Callum

P4 – 1st   Meah            2nd   Jamie                   3rd   Kelsey

P5 – 1st   Tia               2nd   Amber                  3rd    Cyrus

P6 – 1st   Wiktoria     2nd    Alice                    3rd    Katie

P7 – 1st   Abby            2nd   Bobby                   3rd    Ryan

Congratulations to all pupils for their efforts and participation.

P1/2 and P6/7 mini topic week

P1/2 and some of P6/7 have been busy this week doing lots of collaborative activities based around the story book Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.

P6/7 quickly set to the task of writing a sequel to the original story using a similar format and characters. We have been preparing for our class assembly next week which Abby, Kian, Jowita, Wiktoria and Chloe will help us to present.

We created a healthy picnic for teddy and owl. – Maris

We changed the words of Teddy Bears picnic and made it about Owl and Baby Bear. – Leah

P6/7 wrote a new story called Baby Bears Adventures. – Stephen

We designed teddy a proper spacesuit. – Adam

We watched Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldron walking on the moon. – Oliver

We played a game called “Whatever Next” which was like What’s the time Mr Wolf. – Lewis

We are looking forward to sharing all our learning with you on Wednesday at our Assembly.

Outdoor Smiles!

Today, P1/2 were exploring our new vision: ‘Westfield, a place to smile’. After discussing the meaning of Succeed Motivate Inspire Learn Excel, they went outside and used materials found in the school grounds to create a smiling person, to represent our new vision.

Superhero Coffee Morning

Pupils and parents at Westfield Primary enjoyed a successful Superhero Coffee Morning where monies were raised for Forth Ones Cash for Kids. Pupils from P6/7 helped Mrs Grant and members of the Parent Council to supervise the stalls available. The Tombola and tattoo transfer stalls proved very popular and the cakes were not be missed either.

There were lots of Superheros in attendance  so we felt we we in safe hands all morning!!!!

Great fun was had by all and we will be sending just over £200 to the Cash for Kids Appeal!!!!