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Outdoor Learning in the nursery

The nursery children are thoroughly enjoying all the outdoor area, which is available all day, all weathers. With this in mind, please ensure that children come with appropriate footwear for puddles and a change of clothes, should they get wet. Waterproofs are available, but some puddles are big!
To read about the massive benefits that all this outdoor learning brings, please follow the picture below:


Please donate old sunhats to the nursery

This week the children in nursery have been enjoying their increase in outside access, despite the mixed weather. We enjoyed learning in snow, rain, hail and sunshine!

We have plenty of waterproofs in the nursery to help the children enjoy learning outside in wet weather but we were less prepared for the sunshine! The nursery is asking for you to donate any small unwanted sunhats/baseball hats so we can protect little heads from the sun and enjoy outdoor learning in all weather.

Please enjoy our photo gallery showing some of the learning happening this past week in the nursery.

Nursery Week

Another busy week in the nursery. Some of the activities the children enjoyed included bubble painting. It was tricking remembering to blow through the straw and not suck!

As you can see our broad beans are growing, some children measured them and compared the sizes of the plants.

A number of children created a band and made a stage from the blocks. They practiced their rhythm using different instruments.

The children also enjoyed developing their math skills using a maths game on the smart board.

The children carried on taking responsibility for clearing and washing their own plates at snack time.

Nursery Week

This has been a busy week in the Nursery. Children have enjoyed lots of different learning activities from painting to making beanstalks for Jack, from Jack and the Beanstalk, to climb.

Some children even decided to make volcanoes from junk.


The children also voted for the healthy vegetables they want to grow in the vegetable patch.

The morning children will be growing pumpkins, carrots and potatoes, while the afternoon children voted to plant peas, beetroot, onions and lettuce.

Please check out sway for more details.

Nursery Garden

Work on improving the nursery garden is well under way. Mrs Alexander has been extremely busy. She has already recycled some old tyres and turned them into all small wall around the vegetable patch.

The vegetable patch has also been dug over ready for planting. The children have been discussing what plants they would like to grow and will soon vote on their choices.


Mrs Alexander has also trimmed and reshaped  the willow dome for us.


Mrs Alexander has been coming in in her free time to get all this work finished. Thank you Mrs Alexander for all your hard work!

Nursery Week

Lots of diferent learning has taken place in the Nursery class this week. Some of the learning is detailed below.

Children have been continuing their learn about healthy food (see Sway for more detail).

Children have been busy enjoying learning in the messy area, the new water tray  is proving very popular.

Some children have been using colourful teddies to help them learn about repeated patterns and how they have an order, or rule, that can be followed.

Some pre-school children had vision test this week and  two pupils headed straight to the writing area and started making their own eye tests, the Optometrist was very impressed she commented that she had never known children to do that before!

The children have also been using our new wooden characters to help extend their learning. They enjoy using the characters to retell the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Please remember to check out our Sway where you can find out about the children planting broad beans.

Nursery News

This week a number of the children have been enjoying mark making on our new wooden wipe boards. They have been developing their fine motor skills and pre-writing skills by copying the sensory stones’ patterns.

You can also check out some of the other learning that has been happening in the nursery by looking at our updated learning journey on Sway.

Nursery news

Next week’s poem of the week is “Wind the bobbin up” , The children enjoy this song and love doing the actions. You can use the link to view the lyrics and a video of the song to help you sing it with your child.

Please don’t forget to check out our Learning Journey on Sway, it has been updated with some of the experiences the children have enjoyed this week, including Burns Supper.

Nursery Week beginning 16th January

We are trying out a new way to share the nursery children’s learning journey, it is called sway. We think that it is a great way to share their learning with you. Please have a look and let us know what you think.

As you can see from sway the children have been busy this week continuing to look at how to be safe. In addition to what the learning on sway some children also enjoyed using their ITC skills to play a Paw Patrol game on staying safe. They were great at taking turns because if they all tried to play at once the game would freeze!

If you would like to play the game with your child at home you can copy and paste the  link below.