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Outdoor Storytelling Corner

This week Mrs Alexander has been very busy setting up our new outdoor storytelling area, it looks fabulous. Mrs Alexander started by digging the holes for the logs to be place in and then secured them with postcrete. Next she inserted willow into the ground, for the frames of the chairs, and then weaved the willow around the base. To finish off our bespoke storytelling area Mrs Alexander created one large storyteller’s chair and added screening to the fence, to create the perfect storytelling setting for feeding young imaginations.

Westfield Nursery’s Storytelling Area

Some of the children helped a little by putting on gardening gloves and packing the willow chairs with wood chips and cuttings.

We are excited by the story area’s potential to help develop the children’s communication and literacy skills, as well as promoting creativity.

We have already started to witness the benefits it will bring with the children already using the area to share and listen to each other’s imaginative stories.

The Princesses sat on their seats, then they ran away. The Queen shouted “COMEBACK PRINCESSES!”.

Please feel free to thank Mrs Alexander, in the comment section, for all her hard work in creating our fabulous bespoke storytelling corner.

Story of learning in P1/2/3

Every week pupils in P1/2/3 start Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays with a Busy Start activity based around a story they have heard. The children can choose from 3 activities over the course of the week and complete all tasks by the end of the week. The children take pictures and produce pieces of work which are then put together into a class ” Story of Learning”. So far this year we have completed activities based around “The Snail and the Whale”,” The trouble with dragons” and ” A huge bag of worries”.  The pupils are quickly engaged in their learning each morning and are keen to complete the range of activities available.

West Lothian Young Writer of the Year

All pupils at Westfield Primary School worked hard to produce excellent pieces of writing to enter the West Lothian Young Writer of the Year Competition. Entries were submitted and Westfield were lucky to have a winner selected by West Lothian Library Services. P1 pupil Meah Burns was chosen as a winner and invited to attend an awards ceremony at Howden Park Centre to recieve her prize!!!!