Friday 11th September

The boys and girls were making the most of the lovely weather and we had most of our session outside in the nursery garden. We played What’s the time Mr Wolf ? which was great fun. Mrs Keenan, the music teacher, came into nursery and we played singing and action games. We heard the story about Jack and the bean stalk. We played the bear and the honey pot.

Thursday 10th September

Today the morning and afternoon children did gym in the hall. We played traffic lights where they had to listen carefully for the instructions. We practised our throwing and catching skills using the beanbags and played a game called ‘toast’. At the end of the lesson we tried to throw the beanbags onto a target. We are learning to find a space of our own and  listen to instructions in the gym hall. AM and PM children continued to make Humpty Dumpty pictures and sing the nursery rhyme.

In group time we asked the children what they liked about nursery and what they would like to see in nursery that we are not already doing.

Another lovely day for outside play. We are learning to keep safe while playing outside.