P3/4 learning

This week P3 have been learning how to use calculators in maths. In their comprehension they learned about Prince Cinders and how to write in sentences. Also they were testing toys for their topic. That must have been fun! P4 were learning  there 3d and 2d shapes including how to draw them.


P1/2 have been doing some science about how to grow plants. In maths they did 3d shapes and printing numbers up to 10 in art they painted leaves. In Ict they have been learning how to put their passwords and how to use Cbeebies toys. In spanish they learned their greetings.

P5/6 And 7 Learning

We have all been learning about measurment. In measurment we were learning about mm, cm, m, km. We had to make an egg carage for an egg to sit in. Mrs Browne dropped the carage with the egg in it and the sucessful people were: Ryan Baillie Caitlin and  Zachary. In writing we were entering a writing competition which we had to describe how beautiful our world is. We have done an interview about the rugby match this Saturday against Australia. It will hopefully be shown on CBBC newsround.



Nursery: Tuesday 27th October

The children came in today with lots of stories about their holidays! They settled quickly back into the nursery routine, which was interrupted a little as everyone had to have their photographs taken. Lots of lovely, smiling photos taken!!

Both morning and afternoon children recycled different sizes and shapes of boxes to make musical instruments. They put some dry pasta inside the boxes then taped them shut – et voila! Shakers!!

The sun was shining today so we also managed to fit in outdoor playtime, then ended sessions by hearing our first song from this years’ nativity!!! Can’t wait!!

Nursery: Wednesday 14th October

Lots of fun in the soft sand today and plenty of people practising their cutting skills in the messy room.

After a popular snack of toast and jam or margarine, another sunny day meant plenty of outdoor play and even more train tracks being built – but by the morning children this time!

Group time was spent choosing new library books, with lots of exciting stories heading home this week for bedtime reading!


Nursery: Tuesday 13th October

Today the children had a go playing on the Cajon drums. These are box drums which originated in Peru. The children tried playing quietly and loudly, then had a go at tapping out the syllables in their names.

In the afternoon, we used our listening skills again when playing Musical Statues. The children were very good at standing very still!

The sun shone again so we had lots of outdoor fun. Some children used the outdoor bricks to make a brilliant train track then sat in the empty box, pushing each other along the tracks!

Monday 12th October

We have started our new topic today – Music Makers.

We have started making an outdoor music wall – looking good and sounding good. If anybody has old pots pans etc which we could attach to the wall we would be most grateful.

PM children did some listening activities during music time today.

AM children did some drama – moving to different animal music and playing musical statues to help our listening skills.

Both groups did a science activity today, we filled different glass jars with water to see what sound they made when they were full and empty.

Friday 9th October

Today at nursery the children were still interested in painting and drawing scarecrow’s and hedgehogs, we cut some out and put them on the wall. We played outside on the bikes and scooters. During our music lesson we were tapping out rhythm’s on the claves and rhythm sticks, we played Farmer’s in the Den.

Thursday 8th October

AM children did gym today with Mrs Fletcher, we were playing games where the children had to listen to the instructions carefully. We were continuing with ball skills today and practicing throwing and catching.

AM and PM children – In science we were looking at sunflowers and what happens to them at this time of year. We studied their seed heads using magnifying glasses and recorded what they look like by drawing a picture. We talked about how these seeds would make new plants next spring/summer.

PM children did gym outside today – lots of opportunities for play in the sunshine!

Our numeracy sorting and matching assessments are now completed but we are still encouraging the children to use these materials to develop the associated language, maybe they would like to do some sorting at home? (We have been sorting by colour, shape, type of object or animal etc)

Children brought home their bread today which they made yesterday – some lovely smells from the nursery kitchen! We hope they enjoy eating it at home and telling you how they shaped it into rolls.