This week is book week Scotland and we have enjoyed sharing our favourite books with our friends through show and tell and also reading them with our friends during activities time in the morning. We had a visitor yesterday from Linlithgow Library who shared three stories with us and then asked us to vote for our favourite. The p1s went home with these three books and were looking forward to sharing them with their families.

We have also been very busy making some things to sell at the Christmas fair and we are very excited to show you these next Thursday.

We were listening to The Jungle Book story and we used this to write our own story about living in the jungle. We had some very imaginative stories about playing basketball or football with some of the animals.

Some of the p2s have been learning their spelling words by typing them on a laptop and changing the size and font.

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Nursery Wednesday 25th November

There’s a very festive feel permeating the nursery at the moment! We made more personalised baubles as well as lovely button wreath tree decorations that will be on sale at the school Christmas fair. We also practised our nativity songs and are all doing so well with the words and actions!

The weather stayed dry, so both morning and afternoon children managed to have plenty of time to play outside in the fresh air. There were also some kind volunteers in the afternoon who helped us clean the slide and house with warm soapy water! What responsible young citizens they were!

We had a call from Asda Armadale today to say that the nursery has been nominated for their Green Token Fundraising scheme! So, if you are in there shopping, remember to pick up a token and add it to our box as we could win up to £200 for outdoor equipment! Fingers crossed!

Thursday 19th November

AM and PM children were given Adventure Ted today, can’t wait to hear about his adventures over the weekend!

Fairly dry day today so both AM and PM children managed to get out to play in the Nursery Garden. We had the bikes out and made them parking bays,  lots of children loved playing a numbers ladder game on the steps – lots of counting! We are busy making things to sell at the School Christmas Sale – Little Christmas Stockings, Reindeer Food and Baubles (a reminder that if you want to order a bauble then it must be ordered by next Thursday at the latest). The Christmas Fair is Thursday 3rd December from 2pm, lots of enterprise crafts to buy and tea/coffee in the school hall. We have also been busy practicing our Nativity Songs – sounding really lovely.

A reminder that ante-pre school children need either a shepherd or angel costume for the Nativity – please let us know by early next week if this is a problem, thank you.

Monday 16th November 2015

The children are really enjoying the transport theme with lots of pictures created by printing different wheel tracks. We have created a large road map on the wall and hope to add buildings and vehicles to it this week. PM children created an amazing zoo using the large building blocks and added the small world animals – what fun! We heard about Adventure Ted’s weekend from both AM and PM children  – both Ted’s have had a good weekend going to gym club, out on a bike ride and even in a big tractor!

We handed out the poem of the week today – 5 current buns. Please have fun learning this at home with your child, we have been talking about rhyming words and off course lots of opportunities for counting to 5 and back down to 0.

Please remember to send in your bauble orders, thank you.


P1/2 have been very busy this week practising for our class assembly next Wednesday and learning our words. We have been playing instruments to the story of Noah and doing drama based on the story of Grace Darling. We are looking forward to sharing these with you next week.

Tara has been practising her adding up to 5. James has started to learn all about adding two numbers together.

Leah has been learning that a story has to have a beginning, a middle and an end. We have been sequencing the story of Goldilocks and the three bears and have written out own stories with a beginning, middle and end.

In art, we have been creating our own lighthouse pictures using sandpaper and other things to give texture. Alfie enjoyed this art activity!

Nursery: Wednesday 11th November

Today, there were airports being constructed in the sand pit, and the boats and Lego men in the water tray were helped to be more buoyant by adding balloons to them! This led to lots of science talk! We managed to get outside today, with chalk and mud being popular, especially in the afternoon.

The nativity scripts have been sent home, with words highlighted so you know what to practise at home! We also sent home order forms for personalised baubles, which can be ordered now. If these could be returned with payment as soon as possible, we can begin this enterprise project.

Nursery: Tuesday 10th November

Today, morning and afternoon children went outside in the blustery wind to practise safe road crossing. As well as showing that they knew how to cross the road safely (holding an adult’s hand, looking left and right, listening carefully all the time) they also enjoyed taking a close up look at a car – focussing on the hard metal and rubber tyres.