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Nursery January

We are off to a very busy start this term.

The children have been discussing and learning about Winter in nursery through a variety of different activities some rather messy!

We have had various visitors to nursery and the school and we would like to share this with you:

SSPCA- Discussed caring for pets including Rabbits. They provided some robotic Rabbits for us to use in our learning. We learned about what food, shelter and space that Rabbits needed to be happy.

Quality Meat Scotland-  Jennifer came to school and lead  a cooking demonstration in which some of us helped to make beef fajitas. They were really yummy! We discussed the different food groups and learned more about healthy eating. We participated in a picture game which we were to decide what goodness our bodies get from different meats.

Guide dogs- Clare and Liz brought along Tudor their 5 month old puppy and discussed with us the job that guide dogs do and how important they are. We learned that puppies go to school at the age of 1 and by 2 they are working supporting a visually impaired person. We also discussed the things needed to look after a puppy.

We also celebrated Burns day including, listening to Scottish muisc and stories and  having our own Burns supper for snack.

Nursery Week

In nursery this week we have all been very busy putting the finishing touches on our Christmas art to sell at the Christmas Fayre.

We have been doing lots of baking in preparation for the Christmas fayre we made; chocolate crispy Christmas trees, Christmas puddings and fairy cakes. It has been a very busy nursery.

We have started to learn about light and dark as the children have noticed the change in the colour of the sky in the later afternoon. As the children had so much fun last week creating a tent and camp fire to go camping and toasting marshmallows. We decided to make a den/ cave in our story corner to allow us to have a dark and quiet area in nursery. The children helped to black out the windows and had lots of fun making stars and moons to display all around the cave. We have been using torches so that we can read books in the dark den.

The children have started to help prepare a pallet which we have decorated brightly to be used as a weather station outside and we are going to record the rain fall, temperature and see the wind. Parents are welcome to come in and have a look and maybe help out in the preparations.

We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas fayre and we are looking forward to another busy week in nursery with preparations and practices of the Nativity starting.

Nursery – Diwali

In nursery we have been learning about the festival of Diwali. We started by watching a power point presentation on our smartboard. The children asked to create a restaurant in our house corner. We looked at pictures using pinterest and decided to make an Indian restaurant following the theme of Diwali. The children selected their own pictures to use in our role play area. To extend their play adults provided rice to use in role play cooking. The children chose the colour they wanted to make the rice and had lots of fun squashing the rice and paint together in a food bag. The children have enjoyed using the rice in their role play cooking. (so has the floor)

We listened to the short story of Diwali and the children noticed the funny patterns (Rangoli pattern) during the story and wanted to make their own patterns. This was carried out in a variety of different ways including painting, smartboard and drawing.

The children have enjoyed the experience of learning about Diwali.


Community Links

On Thursday the nursery enjoyed a visit from two of the residents at Blackfaulds House Nursing Home, and their carer.

There is growing research on the benefits, to both young and old, of such generational integration.  The children and visitors enjoyed playing and listening to stories together. We are planning on Thursday visits, from Blackfaulds House, becoming a regular occurance.


Nursery Vision

Our Vision:

“Westfield a Place to Smile”

Our vision puts enjoyment and happiness at the heart of all we do, as we believe, in order to thrive and excel, children need to be happy.

To ensure our vision accurately reflects Westfield Nursery, we are consulting all stakeholders; gathering their ideas, views and opinions.

The children have been consulted and their thoughts are now on display, in our cloakroom, for you to view.

This consultation has shown us the children value:

  • The opportunity to make friends at nursery
  • The opportunity to play
  • Having choice in their play
  • Learning to be independent and responsible, by preparing snack for themselves and others


Children in Need

The children in the nursery baked cakes to raise money for Children in Need. They mixed sugar, butter, eggs and flour together, then they spooned them into small cake cases before cooking the cakes.


Next, after the cakes had cooled a mum came in to nursery to help the children decorated their cakes with icing sugar and Pudsey Bear designs.


Lastly on Friday morning the children sold the cakes to raise money for Children in Need.


The Nursery raised £42.20 by making and selling Pudsey cakes, well done everyone!

Nursery News

Another busy week in the nursery started with the children collecting sticks to make a ‘campfire’. Songs and stories were shared around the ‘campfire’ and fire safety discussed.

Later in the week the learning about fire safety was extended through some messy play set up by Miss Hirst, our visiting student Teacher. The children really enjoyed ‘putting out’ the fire (red paint added to shaving foam) while discussing and learning more about fire safety.


Every week the children are learning all about food and food hygiene through helping prepare snack. The nursery staff are keen for the children to experience a big variety of food. Last week the children helped make macaroni cheese.  They examined the uncook pasta and described how to cook it.  They looked at the difference between cooked and uncooked macaroni and they added the cheese to the cooked macaroni.

This week the children enjoyed making and tasting apple pie.

The children have also been developing their pen control and artistic skills through creating self portraits. We think the look great. Please check them out in the gallery below.




Nursery Week Beginning 25th September

This week has been a busy week in Nursery.

On Tuesday we launched our Big Bedtime Read, many of the children came to nursery in the pyjamas and brought a teddy with them.  The Big Bedtime Read is intended to help support parents to read with their children at least four nights a week, as each week they will now be given a bag with four books inside, instead of one.

A big thanks to Mrs Aitken for all her hard work organising The Big Bedtime Read. Feedback from parents was very positive and the children were excited to be receiving their book bags.

Later in the week some of the children were looking at the story “When I was Little” by Jamie Lee Curtis. They were looking at the pictures in the book and making up the story. The children were particularly interested by the page when the baby didn’t have hair, this sparked a discussion about how they looked as babies.


The children decided it would be a good idea to bring in our baby photos to see what we all looked liked as babies.

We would be very grateful if next week you could send in a baby photo of your child for them to share with us.

Over the past weeks, as part of their ‘All About Me’ topic the children been talking about where they live and their homes. They have also been discovering ways to represent their ideas and some started by making models of their homes.


On Wednesday the children were using their ITC skills and looked for their homes on Google Maps Street View. We were very impressed with their direction skills as we managed to find their homes quite easily!


We also managed to print off some pictures of their homes and we put them up at the art table for the children to create artistic representations of their homes. We think their picture look fabulous.

Over the past weeks the children have also been developing an awareness of personal safety inside and outside the nursery.

We started by encouraging the children shared their ideas on how to keep safe indoors this was recorded on a mind map. We have collected their ideas such as “Walk Safely” and put the on a ‘Our Nursery is Happy When…’ poster to help the children remember how to keep safe indoors.

Next week risk assessed the outdoor area with the children. They were asked what are the risks/dangers outside and then asked how could we make it safe.

They have great ideas such as:

‘You have to check your shoes are on the right feet or else you will Trip.’

‘Be careful on the steps, walk down them and hold on.’

‘Check the gates are shut, if they are open tell an adult.’

This week we made a ‘shoes on the correct feet’ checker, by drawing around one of the children’s feet. The children use it after changing their shoes, they stand on it and if their feet match the checker they have their shoes on the right feet.

Lastly we talked about the job of a safety officer, we looked at images of safety officers on google to see what equipment they use and what clothes they wear; hard hat, bright jacket and a clipboard with pen. The children were excited to find the right clothes and equipment in the nursery.

They quickly set about checking outdoors was safe and took on the role of safety officer.

Each day we will need one or two f the children to be safety officers and check outdoors is safe. They will check there is an adult outside, the gates are shut, they will check for ice, they will make sure no one rides a bike on the ramps and they will check we have our shoe on the right feet!