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P3/4 snow day activities for Friday 2nd

If it’s safe to do so take a measuring tape or ruler and measure the depth of the snow. Check in the morning, afternoon and evening and create a graph of the changes in depth.

Go onto Sumdog and complete maths games.

Snowflake slime, follow this link for a glittery and slimy experience.

Think up new and different footprint tracks you can create in the snow. Try jumping with your feet together, taking long strides or hopping.

Fill up water balloons with food colouring and cold water. Place them outside and leave them overnight. By morning they should look like giant marbles.

Can you catch a snowflake on your tongue?

Fancy making a snowstorm inside your house? Follow this link for creating your very own indoor snow fun!

You can also use the previous days activities if you haven’t managed to do them yet.

Enjoy your weekend, see you all on Monday!🧣🧤⛄️

P3/4 snow day activities for Thursday 1st March

Snow day activities  ❄️⛄️

Create a snowman without a head then take turns hiding behind the snowman as if your head belongs to the snowman. Take photos of each other!

Make the biggest snowball possible whilst creating a maze or interesting pattern of grass to follow afterwards. Does the size of the snowball relate to the length of the path created?

Look at different things covered with snow and guess what they are. Go back once/if the snow has melted and see if you recognise the feature.

Animal and birds leave trails and tracks. Find some tracks and follow them. What animals do you think they are? Do this quietly to avoid frightening any thing or anyone.

Is it possible to create an icicle? What do you think? What conditions are necessary? See if you can find examples of icicles to help you out with this task.

Write an imaginative story about snow. Who are the characters? Where is it set? What is the drama in your story? How does it end?

Whatever you decide to do keep safe and warm!🧣🧤❄️

P3/4 Snow Day activities

Snow Day Activities:

Build a snowman that looks like you.

Create a weather scene using the natural elements in your garden and/or park. The snow is your canvas!

Write your spelling words in the snow, you could use food colouring to colour the snow or your hands.

Use the internet or books available to research extreme weathers that include snow. is a great search engine for kids.

Use snowballs to do some maths:
– Triangles/Rectangles/Squares: Equal/arrays groups eg. 4 groups of 5 what does that look like and what’s the answer?
– Circles: addition and subtraction eg. If I make 3 snowballs and through 2 how many do I have left?

Warm up with a hot chocolate! Write down instructions for how you made your tasty hot chocolate.

If you complete any activities or do your own learning in the snow I would love to see it! Send me a picture on this post below 😊

Enjoy the snow everyone! Be safe and remember to keep warm when you’re playing outside.❄️⛄️