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P3/4 Superheroes

P3/4 have really busy since we have come back! We have been thinking about the qualities of superheroes and how we can be super classmates.

Leivi – We have been writing postcards.

Findlay – In Numeracy we have been practicing switchers and creating fact families.

Josh – We used ICT to create our own superheroes and made these into tray labels.

Maris – We were imagining we were superheroes and writing poems about ourselves using similies.

Callum – We were discussing what our “future self” might do as a job and recording this using Skitch or Comic Life.

P3/4 News

This week in P3/4 we have had a helper teacher with us and this is what we have enjoyed in her class this week.

We made Aztec jewelry in our art time and enjoyed it. Kieran, TIa, Kelsey, Bryan, Amber and Chloe.

In PE Ms Martinez taught us how to play shuffle ball and we learned new skills. Toby, Cyrus, Angus, Amber and Kelsey.

With Mr Cox we were playing badminton and we had good fun playing the games. Jamie and Daniel.

I enjoyed shared learning times with Ms Martinez. Meah.

Melissa, Alexander and Lewis were not with us at this time, but we will add their thoughts when they come back to school.


P3/4 What we have enjoyed about our learning this week

Primary 3/4 have been learning a lot of exciting , new things this week.

Here is what we thought about our learning :

I got a star pupil certificate for my math work on patterns – Amber

I enjoyed the math work on patterns as I found it easy – Kieran

I learned the body parts in Spanish and enjoyed singing Heads, Shoulders Knees and Toes in Spanish – Meah

In ICT we learned how to make powerpoints which was interesting – Cyrus, Angus

I enjoyed making the cardboard spears for our Aztec topic – Jamie, Lewis

In PE I learned badminton skills which has made me a better player – Daniel

My favourite thing was putting our Aztec pattern rug together, deciding which patterns go where -Melissa

I enjoyed researching the Aztec gods and writing my findings on a word document – Tia, Bryan

The Aztec art this week has been interesting and colourful which I’ve enjoyed – Alexander

I wrote a diary entry about a day in the life of an Aztec child which the class enjoyed listening to – Toby, Chloe

I enjoyed making up a poem about my mum for Mother’s Day – Kelsey







P3/4 learning

Primary 3/4 have been doing algebra, division and times tables. They have been using connectives in their writing and they wrote an imaginitive story in writing. They have been making adverts for their toys in groups  during art and also made up an  advert  using ICT independantly.

Primary 3/4 learning this week

Primary 3 and 4 have been working hard in maths this week. P4 have been learning to divide by 2 and 3 while P3 have been learning about chimney sums. They have also been challenging their personal Big Maths scores. They have been practicing hard for their class assembly and completing lots of art activities. They have been exploring drawing with charcoal and creating mosaic pictures of their favourite toys.