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P6/7 Investigation continues!!!

This week we have bee continuing our investigation into the Kidnapping of the children from Green Manor. We have been working in our groups on tasks and solving training missions independantly before collaborating in our Investigation groups to solve the assignments sent to us by the Chief of Police. We look forward to sharing our learning at our Showcase assembly on Wednesday 8th March – where we will test your detective powers with mini assignments afterwards in class.

P7 also visited the Risk Factory in Edinburgh on Tuesday morning.

We have continued our development of aspects of story writing. Where we have looked at Characterisation.

In maths we have continued working on multiple operation problems involving decimals and rounding. One group has been exploring working with significant figures also.

In PE we have completed our block of Tennis and will be progressing onto a block of volleyball.

The next few weeks will be exciting for P6/7 with the continuation of our Kidnapped topic and also the redecoration of our learning environment.

Katie-I liked our block of tennis.

Jowita-In maths we have been doing decimals and adding and subtracting in different ways.

Wiktoria- I liked the way we are doing maths, language and writing differently with mixed groups.

Carlotta- For IDL we have been doing kidnapped and I can’t wait to investigate further.

Ryan-For kidnapped we were viewing the interviews on 6 suspects.

Abby – The P7’s went to the risk factory for a trip and it was fun!!!!

Matthew-I really enjoyed our P7 trip to the risk factory because it taught me about different risks and scenarios.

Donnie- I learned how to use significant numbers in maths.

Kai- In maths I learned how to multiply decimals.

Alice-I liked doing Kidnapped I hope we get another e-mail soon!!

Kian-At the risk factory there were so many things to do like videos and scenarios.


P6/7 Investigate


P6/7 were assigned a special task this week when they recieved a video message from the Police to help investigate the Kidnapping of the Jack and Sarah Green They set about organising the initial information they had been given and have created an Incident room within the classroom in preparation for the rest of the investigation.

Watch out Sherlock Holmes!!!

Katie-In P.E I liked tennis.

Alice-In music we got put into groups of three and made up our own seven second piece!

Chloe- For soft start we made Buddhist prayer flags and wrote a mantra that we say to ourselves.

Kai- In maths we were doing our mild, spicy and hot and we were rounding decimals, to the nearest number and the the nearest tenths.

Bobby- We have been designing Eco posters for  a competition,  it was fun.

Wiktoria – In Music we listened to some pieces of music related to school subjects like, biology, literacy, etc. Then we worked in groups of three and tried to make our own.

Abby – In maths my group have started working towards third level, it was very exciting.

Ryan- In RME we learned what prayer flags are that Buddhist hang them outside their homes.



P6/7 Burst back into their learning.

Pupils in P6/7 have come back refreshed from the Christmas break and have engaged with their learning quickly. We have been researching about Scotland and focussing on the language and exploring how to use this in our writing as well as representing our fabulous flora and fauna through art.

Katie – I am looking forward to our starting work on our Kidnapped Showcase topic.

Wiktoria – I am looking forward to working on Drama and our Kidnapped topic.

Donnie – I am enjoying PE and developing my badminton skills.

Matthew – I am enjoying taking part in badminton during PE.

Chloe – I like learning about all the different wonders of the world. e.g. natural and ancient.

Jowita – I have been learning how to count on using time in maths.

Carlotta –  I am looking forward to showing our homework projects related to the wonders of the world.

Kian – I enjoy learning about time in maths.

Abby – I like learning how to estimate time in maths.

Alice –  I am looking forward to sharing our learning around the Kidnapped topic for our showcase.

Bobby – I like maths and having the challenges for each topic.

Kai –  I am enjoying learning about time differences and durations in maths.

Ryan – I have enjoyed our learning in spelling as this helps us to learn new words to use in our writing.

Well Done P6/7 – Keep up the good work!!!



Lendrick Muir Residential Trip for P6/7

Following on from the meeting about the residential trip for P6/7 to Lendrick Muir on Thursday , please find the powerpoint attached that was shared during the meeting. All the pupils who attended the meeting looked excited about the variety of activities that were available. I am not sure that they were as keen about having to make their own beds!!!!

Roll on May!!!


Week 2 of Golf for P6/7

P6/7 braved the cooler temperatures today to enjoy their second golfing session. They worked hard to develop their drive and tee shots and this week were introduced to a wood and driver as well as the iron from last week. They revised GASP and were listening to their shots to perfect the drive. All the pupils were great and the FLASHES pipped the DONUTS in the fun mini game to finish. Well Done FLASHES – Wiktoria, Donnie, Kian, Alice, Kai and Chloe. Keep up the skill development!!!!

Going golfing in P6/7

P6/7 started a 6 week block of golf today, where they visit Kingsfield driving range in Linlithgow to receive tuition. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their first lesson and showed how great their skills are. After being “sized” up for an appropriate club the pupils did not hesitate in getting started perfecting their swings. Watch out Ryder Cup here we come!!!

P6/7 Busy Bees

We have had a busy week in P6/7 finishing off lots of our tasks before the holidays.

This week we have been making shoes out of different materials as part of our fashion topic. – Jowita


We also designed our Christmas cards which we hope our parents will buy to help raise funds for the school. – Chloe

In PE were playing hand tennis a game where you hit the ball with your hand. We were playing 2v2. – Bobby

We were creating our places of worship tri-fold leaflet and printing them out to display. – Ryan

We had a discussion about our Thinking Skills and created a classroom display to use as a tool in our learning – Katie.


This week we were using atlases to locate places within Italy – we used the grid reference and index to help us find the places. – Carlotta.