Thursday 24th September

We had a wonderful day – both AM and PM children made bird feeders AM children hung them on the trees in the nursery garden, PM children will hang them up on Monday. We made them by threading cheerios onto pipe cleaners, we counted how many cheerios we threaded on and can’t wait to see how many the birds have eaten!

Both AM and PM children did gym today, AM with Mr Cox and PM with Mrs Fletcher. We were learning about finding a space of our own, moving in different ways into spaces, balancing bean bags as well as throwing and catching them. Mr Cox worked on spaces and balance using some of the gymnastic equipment.

We continued to explore our autumn topic and talked about the weather especially what happens to the trees when the wind blows. As it was a windy blustery day, PM children went out to the big field and Mrs Fletcher flew her big colourful kite – not massive success as the wind was swirly but we will try again another day. Some of the children wanted to make a kite and fly it too. AM children will get the opportunity to do this tomorrow  – wind allowing.

We heard a story about a windy blustery day in autumn and found out what some of the animals and birds do at this time of year.

The nursery bulletin for this week and next should be sent by email either today or tomorrow or can be collected in paper form from nursery.

Everybody should have received their parents evening appointment today.

Best wishes,

Mrs Fletcher

P1/2 learning this week

This week primary 1 and 2 have been learning about how to make bread and what in ingredients you need. They have also been looking at photos of sheep for their topic farming.  In R.M.E. they have been looking at passover and what it is. They have been learning about  shapes and how to identify them. They have been learning about Humpty Dumpty and thinking about rhyming words.

Primary 3/4 learning this week

Primary 3 and 4 have been working hard in maths this week. P4 have been learning to divide by 2 and 3 while P3 have been learning about chimney sums. They have also been challenging their personal Big Maths scores. They have been practicing hard for their class assembly and completing lots of art activities. They have been exploring drawing with charcoal and creating mosaic pictures of their favourite toys.