Nursery: Wednesday 9th September

In the morning, children spent a lot of time enjoying the different areas in the nursery, building sandcastles, designing Humpty Dumpty characters for display and building models.

In the afternoon, we went to the hall and tried out the dance moves the morning children were taught yesterday. The children were excellent dancers and most also had a shot of drumming using the cajon drums.  An extra treat in the afternoon was when the P1/2 pupils came in to share some of their alternative Humpty Dumpty poems.

Nursery: Tuesday 8th September

This morning, the children enjoyed a dance lesson given to them by instructor Andy. He taught them some very cool Latin moves based on Brazilian capoeira.

In the afternoon, the boys and girls spent much of their time outside enjoying the bikes and the climbing frame. The plants are also well watered now thanks to a busy group of children.

We have been singing Humpty Dumpty and many children have made Humpty characters which are now sitting on a wall on our display in the Messy room.